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I'm a 90's kid who loves platforming and turn-based role playing games. I was introduced to The Legend of Dragoon in the fall of 2011 and started playing it in the summer of 2012. At the moment, I'm waiting for the game to be released on the European PlayStation Network.

Feel free to leave a message on my Message wall, but please note that I may not be able to reply immediately due to my timezone (UTC+01:00).

My current avatar depicts the main character from Persona 5.

Top favorite songs from the soundtrack[]

  1. Dart's Theme
  2. Battle 1
  3. Boss Battle 2

Automatic to-do list[]

  • Add content in the stub articles. (65 pages left, 14.7% of all pages)
  • Add one of more images in these articles. (19 pages left, 4.3% of all pages)
  • Add content in the stub sections. (13 pages left, 2.9% of all pages)