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Ulara, also known as Spring Breath Town, is a location in the fourth and last disc of the game.

Another Wingly outpost. Its leader, Charle Frahma, is the sister of, and polar opposite in personality to, Melbu Frahma. Charle weaved a spell to create a magical object, a choker, that stopped time for Rose and allowed her to continue to prevent the birth of the God of Destruction.

In addition to reiterating, expanding on, and clarifying some of the points made by Zieg/Melbu Frahma in Vellweb, Charle tells the party that the Moon Objects were created by her on her brother's orders, when he discovered that the Signet Spheres she had made would diminish the magical power that could be drawn from the Crystal Sphere

It has been a long time since the Dragon Campaign, to put it mildly. So whether it is Rose who is misspeaking when she says it has been 11,000 years, or Charle who is mistaken about Rose having stopped the Moon Child "at least 107 times" (107 x 108 year cycle = 11,556), they can surely be forgiven.

After being teleported out of Ulara, Dart and company find a new road from there to the Home of Gigantos, and a new harbor in Fletz.


Road between Death Frontier and Ulara, and on the Moon:

Name HP XP Gold US Gold JAP Drop Damage Notes
Lucky Jar 6 1,000 300 100 Moon Serenade Magical Only vulnerable to Poison damage

Treasure Edit

Moon Serenade x 2 (One is located at the entrance teleporter, the other on the top floor of Charle Frahma's House)


Pot in weapons shop (North wall) Ulara stardust 2
Examine rose bed Ulara stardust 1
Examine large snapping plant Ulara stardust 3

Shop Edit

Weapons Edit

Name Price
Fairy Sword 400
Arrow of Force 500
Thunder Fist 450

Armor Edit

Name Price
Magical Greaves 300

Accessories Edit

Name Price
Magical Ring 600
Spiritual Ring 600
Elude Cloak 300
Spirit Cloak 300
Sage's Cloak 600

Items Edit

Name Price
Healing Fog 30
Healing Breeze 50
Sun Rhapsody 50
Angel's Prayer 30
Charm Potion 4
Panic Bell 20
Stunning Hammer 20
Poison Needle 20
Midnight Terror 20
Attack Ball 100
Recovery Ball 100


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