Twister Glaive
Price Free
Attack 28
Effect Wind Attacks
User Albert

Twister Glaive is a weapon for Albert and is located at Kazas. It adds Wind elemental damage to his attacks, for 50% more damage (42) against Earth Element enemies. Unsuitable for Wind enemies, against which it does half (14) damage.


It is a recommended weapon for bosses such as Kongol, who appears quickly after receiving the weapon, and Gehrich, who appears a short while before even the Glaive, but not the Grand Jewel, as the Spear of Terror is by then available. When used with Albert's stronger additions, the Twister Glaive becomes a key component in making such battles easier. It cannot replace the Glaive (37) except when the enemy's element is known to be Earth, and it is utterly replaced, even against Earth enemies, by the Spear of Terror (45).