NPC Characters refer to NPCs like Charle Frahma, Martle and Dran.


All character's pages should start with a quote by the character or another character that exemplefies the persons personality or morals if appliciable. To add a quote in source mode add the text

|Quote = 
|Source =

Add the corresponding information after the equal sign. Make sure to preview it before publishing it.The Quote should look somthing like this:

Can not exist?



This is the openning statments about the character and true start of the article. This should reveal things similar to:

  1. Where they were met
  2. Previous history
  3. Role in story

At the top of the article should be the NPC Template. Type this in sorce mode to add the template to the article:

|name = 
|image = 
|caption = 
|age = 
|role = 
|home town = 
|engva = 
|japva = 

Not all slots need imformation. The age, english vioce actor (engva) and japanese voice actor (japva) are not neccessary if there is no iformation on the character. But the slots role and home town should always be filled. Home town is where the character is from or where they are met. Role is what they do, wheather it is be a traveler, citizen king or commander. The tables should look like this:


Personality should explain the characters personality and some peices of evidence


The story of the individual character. Any instances while this character is not around not be talked about.

EX: When Rose and Meru leave the party the time at the library should not be talked about unless makeing small mention.


The first chapter the character appears should be shown as:

=== Chapter 2: The Platnium Shadow === 

and any subsequent chapters shown only as the name (ie; no number).:

=== Fate and Soul ===

Prologue Edit

Any events that happen to the character should be placed under Prologue, above the first chapter as such

=== Prologue ===

=== Chapter 2: The Platnium Shadow === 

Sub-Chapters Edit

The sub-chapter names should have the same name as the sub-chapters on their respective Story of (....) pages

These sub chapter should be smaller than the Chapter name and read as:

==== The Return Home ==== 
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