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Main Character pages reffer to pages about party members.These pages have specific builds and information different from other characters.


All character's pages should start with a quote by the character or another character that exemplefies the persons personality or morals. To add a quote in source mode add the text

|Quote = 
|Source =

Add the corresponding information after the equal sign. Make sure to preview it before publishing it.The Quote should look somthing like this:

Can not exist?



If applicable to a character, add the sound template only if they have a sepreate theme for them. This means themes of the town they are from should not be added.


This is the openning statments about the character and true start of the article. This should reveal things similar to:

  1. Where they were met
  2. Previous history
  3. Role in story


Personality should explain the characters personality and some peices of evidence

Abillities and Attributes[]

This should explain the characters advatages and weaknesses and pros and cons


Additions are listed individulally and with full stats on their repective character pages. Additions are placed in the Addition Template. To add the Addition template in source mode, type

|Name = 
|lvl = 
|strks = 
|Damage1 = 
|SP1 = 
|Damage2 = 
|SP2 = 
|Damage3 = 
|SP3 = 
|Damage4 = 
|SP4 = 
|Damage5 = 
|SP5 = 
|soundfile = 

Add (in order)

  • Name of addition
  • Level addition is unlocked
  • Number of strikes the character takes (not the number of button presses)
  • Damage percent done per level
  • SP gained per level
  • Sound file, sound of complete addition

As always preview before you publish. The final result should look like this:

Name Lvl. Strikes
Blazing Dynamo Master


Addition Level Damage SP
Level 1 250% 100
Level 2 300% 110
Level 3 350% 120
Level 4 400% 130
Level 5 450% 150
Problems listening to this file? See media help.


Aquiring the Spirit[]

Dragoon should start with in what order the spirit is recieved and when the character recieves the spirit. It should start with a small out of back story to what is going on then go into detail of the sequence in which they recieve it.


Main article: Lavitz Slambert

The Jade Dragoon spirit is the third spirit received. Lavitz gets the spirit after the battle with Feyrbrand and Greham . As Greham lays dying he explains that his admiration for Servi turned it a feeling of fear at realizing one's limitations. The only way to over come that fear was with the help of the Dragoon Spirit. Greham tells Lavitz to live strong and vanishes in a brilliant green light. The same green light shines on the floor and reveals itself to Lavitz to make him the next Jade Dragoon.


Under Attacks should be the main puropse and uses of the Dragoons abilities along with a table lising the dragoons magic attacks. There is no template so the table can be take for the source of another page or here.

{| border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" collapse; width: 300px;"
|'''MP Cost'''
|*Magic Name*
|*SP Lvl gained*
|*MP cost*
|*Effect of magic*
|*Magic Name*
|*SP Lvl gained*
|*MP cost*
|*Effect of magic*
|*Magic Name*
|*SP Lvl gained*
|*MP cost*
|*Effect of magic*
|*Magic Name*
|*SP Lvl gained*
|*MP cost*
|*Effect of magic*

When done it should look like

Name Obtained MP Cost Effect
Wing Blaster Initial 20 All Enemy
Wind 25%
Blossom Storm 2 20 All Allies
Reduces all damage
by half for 3 turns
Gaspless 3 30 Single Enemy
Wind 100%
Jade Dragon 5 80 All Enemies
Wind 100%*


The story of the individual character. Any instances while this character is not involved or not in the party should not be talked about.

EX: When Rose and Meru leave the party the time at the library should not be talked about unless making small mention.


The first chapter the character appears should be shown as:

=== Chapter 2: The Platinum Shadow === 

and any subsequent chapters shown only as the name (i.e.; no number).:

=== Fate and Soul ===


Any events that happen to the character before the main story should be placed under Prologue, above the first chapter as such

=== Prologue ===

=== Chapter 2: The Platinum Shadow === 


The sub-chapter names should have the same name as the sub-chapters on their respective Story of (....) pages

These sub chapter should be smaller than the Chapter name and read as:

==== The Return Home ====