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Towns or other locations should start with a quote that exemplifies the location if applicable. To add a quote in source mode add the text

|Quote =
|Source =

Add the corresponding information after the equal sign. Make sure to preview it before publishing it.The Quote should look something like this:

Can not exist?



If applicable to a character, add the sound template only if they have a sepreate theme for them. This means themes of the town they are from should not be added.


The real start of the article, it should reveal the "human" nickname for the town if there is one at the beginning, talk about what is going on in the city and why the Dragoons are there. When talking about a rural location like the Forest or Limestone Cave, it talk a little about the location, and why the Dragoons are there


Every city has a slightly different architecture. This should explain the look and the influences.


The story of the location. Any instances that occur outside the location should not be talked about.

EX: When Rose and Meru leave the party the time at the library should not be talked about unless making small mention.


The first chapter the location appears should be shown as:

=== Chapter 2: The Platinum Shadow === 

and any subsequent chapters shown only as the name (ie; no number).:

=== Fate and Soul ===


Any events that happen to or in the location before the main story should be placed under Prologue, above the first chapter as such

=== Prologue ===

=== Chapter 2: The Platnium Shadow === 


The sub-chapter names should have the same name as the sub-chapters on their respective Story of (....) pages

These sub chapter should be smaller than the Chapter name and read as:

==== The Return Home ==== 


Here should be listed the Item, Weapon, and any special shops that are located here. they should look similar to this:

{| border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" style="width: 250px;"
!Shop type

The final result should look like this:

Item Shop Price
Healing Potion 10
Angel's Prayer 30
Spark Net 10


  • Not sure if I want to do it like the Stardust section. Means ill need to get images for EVERY chest, kind of a pain.*


Monsters should be list if there are and any as such

{| class=wikitable cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2"
|[[monster name]]
|[[monster name]]

The final result should look something like this:

Name Element HP XP Gold
Evil Spider Earth 30 12 12
Orc Dark 26 10 6
Screaming Bat Dark 12 8 6
Slime Earth 20 11 6
Ugly Balloon Wind 36 10 9