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I'd say that Soa would never create a 109th fruit, because of the simbolic meaning of the number 108. In fact, in the cinese tradition, the 108 is the number wich represents the total, precisely the number of the constellations.(never played Suikoden?;))

I have heard your call.[]

For the past 10 years I have dreamed of the revival of the Dragoons, both new and old. I have created massive universe, and an expansive world made entirely for them. I have had to make endless edits, but now I have a cohesive hierarchy and storyline that will open the door to the new chapter. In most aspects, the game will be entirely different at the beginning. However, you the player, must eventually retrace your lineage as a Dragoon, learn about the Dragon Campaign in detail, and actually speak with the first game's heroes. I wish to tell you the whole concept, but that would be too much to write here.

I will give a taste however. Set far into the future, in an age where galactic travel is common, there exists a Neo Dragoon empire, created almost spontaneously by a creature whose power and origin has been the topic of much discussion among scholars (and not one raised lightly). He calls himself the Architect, and through this massive power, learned of the original dragoons, and ventured to revive them. Countless experiments, unbound by ethics, have finally yielded results, and the Neo Dragoons were born. There's much involved with the process, but that's for later. He saw their power firsthand, and knew they would need to contained, lest they destroy everything. He created a planet for them to live upon, then proceeded to teach them as much they could hold, from their infant stages to their adulthood. In the time of only 10 years (coincidence?), he had amassed an unstoppable army consisting on an elite few. Though they were originally only nine, they had grown into millions. They conquered most the galaxy swiftly and decisively. Still, it was never the Architect's intention to conquer the known world. After they had met with a large enough resistance did he finally teach his Dragoons the lessons of moderation, self-control, and sparked within them a thirst for knowledge, to replace their thirst for blood.

The Architect and his Neo Dragoons then switched priorities. Although he the most complete version of Dragoon history, there were massive holes left, and the original Dragoon origin left much to the imagination, so instead, they now focus on the retrieval of Relics, the remnants of the Dragon Campaign. The Architect suspected the conflict was much larger than originally believed, he was proven right when he discovered remains and ruins within other worlds.

As for the galaxy, enough time has passed that the conquered have mostly acclimated to the Neo Dragoons, worshiping them as demigods themselves. The Architect and his Neo Dragoons have since opened channels between the people of the galaxy and themselves, and an age of prosperity followed. Countless wisdoms and knowledge had suddenly become available, and it is in this age that you, the player, will begin. Of course, not everything is perfect. An enemy to you and the entire multiverse emerges, and it is here where you must choose what to fight for.

There's more to this, so much more. But I'll continue to develop the story until the time comes, and you will see it in action. I'm currently testing my ideas in a DnD campaign. I have managed to make real the original Dragoon Spirits, and I'll post the results later. The Ancient Dragoons (as I call them) were immensely powerful, even then!

I will not wait for anyone to do it. I will do it myself, mark my words. 21:28, October 16, 2010 (UTC)The Architect

Dart's 3D model for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale has been leaked by the character artist, Mike Edwards.

His website:

My blog entry about this: 21:59, February 2, 2014 (UTC)Jesus Downing/Petition/Legend of Dragoon 2/Remake74.196.55.212 21:59, February 2, 2014 (UTC)

Hi Everyone, added this topic to share some fan information.


I just signed the petition "Sony computer entertainment Japan, sony computer entertainment america, Shuhei Yoshida: We want you to bring back the Legend of Dragoon to it's former glory as an HD remake,prequel,sequel." on

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