Th syuveil
Syuveil, the original Jade Dragoon
Location Element
Vellweb Wind
10000 6000 300
Attack Defense Counter
170 150 {{{Cntr}}}
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
110 120 50
Item dropped
Jade Stone
Syuveil was the original possessor of the Jade Dragoon Spirit during the Dragon Campaign. He was an intelligent and scholarly man interested in studying life and death which Rose found ironic since his soul became trapped between both. His tower at Vellweb was arranged as a study containing, among other things, a globe,
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a statue of an insect, and the head of an eastern-styled dragon. Syuveil correctly deduced that the Winglies were manipulating souls and that life began at the Crystal Palace and ended up in Mayfil. Through their subjugation of the Death City, he and his comrades saw the endless darkness which the Winglies were sending souls which made Syuveil fear death. Because of this, his soul could not pass on.

In the present day, his soul, bound by Shirley to escape the Hell of Mayfil, questions Rose why she brought so many guests. His demeanor in conversation with Rose shows he was much like Lavitz: Calm and level headed. In recalling his death and the darkness awaiting him in Mayfil, Syuveil becomes more hysterical and asks what will happen to him. Rose draws her sword and proclaims she will tell him. After a battle she is able to coax him to pass on by telling him life is like a wheel and that he will find the light.

Dragoon AdditionEdit

Syuveil wields a two-pronged spear and his Dragoon Addition is identical to Lavitz's. He first charges forward and impales the enemy on his spear. This is followed by several swooping slashes until he pulls back and charges one last time, ending in an explosion of wind energy.

Dragoon MagicEdit

Syuveil uses every Dragoon Magic Lavitz and Albert use with the exception of Rose Storm, the Dragoon Magic he uses are Wing Blaster, Gaspless, and Jade Dragon. His fighting style resembles Lavitz, especially his spear.


Syuveil does not appear in Rose's flashback along with Damia (The Water Dragoon) meaning they possibly could have been killed before Zieg's battle with Melbu Frahma.