Stardust is a miracle stone and if you collect them all, your wish comes true. And I have a favor to ask you, why don't you give me the Stardust if you find some? Of course I didn't say for free. I'll give ya something rare that I found on my journey in return. Whaddaya think? Not bad huh?


Stardust (スターダスト, Sutādasuto) are hidden collectibles scattered around the world. Stardust has no stated purpose until you meet Martel in Bale, where you can give her your current number of Stardust (while receiving details about Stardust), in exchange for rare and one-of-a-kind accessories. The final reward she gives you is the Vanishing Stone, which gives you access to Magician Faust, an optional boss on Disc 4.

The mythical stone, Stardust, must be incredibly old as the time-locked Winglies of Ulara are aware of it. A young boy there says that Stardust materializes prayers spoken with purity.

There are a total of 50 stardusts throughout the world as follows:

Martel also appears at:

Disc 1Edit

Seles: 1 stardustEdit

Main article: Seles
Total in game: 1 stardust
On one of the grave stones in front of the tree. Seles stardust 1

Bale: 6 stardustEdit

Main article: Bale
Total in game: 7 stardust
In the well outside Lavitz' house in Slambert Plaza. Bale stardust 1
Bucket of spears in the Weapon Shop. Bale stardust 2
Inside the forge on the first floor of Indels Castle. Bale stardust 3
The music room, the top left room on the third floor of Indels Castle. Bale stardust 4
When riding the boat, choose to get off when given the option near a door. Go through the door and search the wine barrels at the north end of the room. Bale stardust 5
Inside the kitchen of Lavitz' house. Bale stardust 6

Hoax: 2 stardustEdit

Main article: Hoax
Total in game: 9 stardust
Below the commanders desk in the left side of the room in the box with swords. Hoax stardust 2
Inside the fireplace in the basement of the house found in the upper left side of the village. Hoax stardust 1

Marshlands: 1 stardustEdit

Main article: Marshlands
Total in game: 10 stardust
Inside the fireplace in the Seventh Fort. Marshland stardust 1

Lohan: 4 stardustEdit

Main article: Lohan
Total in game: 14 stardust
By the entrance inside the pots near the guard dressed in blue. Lohan stardust 3
Inside a basket near the Arena. Lohan stardust 4
Inside a suit of armor in Dabas Antiques shop. Lohan stardust 1
Go down the hidden ladder found behind the bookshelf and search the fireplace. Lohan stardust 2

Kazas: 6 stardustEdit

Main article: Kazas
Total in game: 20 stardust
On the barrels inside the first building on the left. Kazas stardust 1
Found on the left of the treasure chest inside the first building on right. Kazas stardust 2
Left of the counter in Weapon's shop. Kazas stardust 6
Search the bookshelf on the top room of the Resistance Town. Kazas stardust 3
Search the barrels in the shop in the Resistance Town. Kazas stardust 4
Search the barrels next to the staircase in the shop of in the Resistance Town. Kazas stardust 5

Disc 2Edit

Fletz: 7 stardustEdit

Main article: Fletz
Total in game: 27 stardust
Search the crates outside the bar. Fletz stardust 2
On the roof of the small building to the upper right of Mr. Nello's home. Fletz stardust 1
Search the box to the left in the weapon shop. Fletz stardust 4
Search the gems in the lower-left corner of the accessory shop. Fletz stardust 3
Search the telescope in the middle of the items shop. Fletz stardust 5
Examine the statue to the right in the Twin Castle. Fletz stardust 6
Inside the right hand tower of the Twin Castle at the base. (Note: It cannot be retrieved while assisting Princess Lisa) Fletz stardust 7

Donau: 2 stardustEdit

Main article: Donau
Total in game: 29 stardust
Found at the left of entrance in a pool of water. Donau stardust 1
Inside the sink of the mayor's home. Donau stardust 2

Home of Gigantos: 1 StardustEdit

Main article: Home of Gigantos
Total in game: 30 stardust
Found on the candlestick on the right hand. Home of Gigantos stardust 1

Queen Fury: 2 stardustEdit

Main article: Queen Fury
Total in game: 32 stardust
Found next to Kongol in the wheelbarrel inside the engine room. Queen Fury stardust 2
To the right, behind the pipe outside of the cabin where Albert is found. Queen Fury stardust 1

Lidiera: 1 stardustEdit

Main article: Lidiera
Total in game: 33 stardust
Search the cupboard after climbing down from the roof of the Mayor's house (house with the save point). Stardust 33

Fueno: 2 stardustEdit

Main article: Fueno
Total in game: 35 stardust
Search the alcove below the stairs inside the inn. Reunion-002
Examine the painting inside the clinic. Fueno stardust 2

Disc 3Edit

Furni: 2 stardustEdit

Main article: Furni
Total in game: 37 stardust
Check the barrels in first house to the right. Furni stardust 1
On the right side of the basement in Teo's house. Bulgus blocks access to the house until visiting the Mayor's house. Furni stardust 2

Forest of Winglies: 2 stardustEdit

Main article: Forest of Winglies
Total in game: 39 stardust
Found at the top right corner in Guaraha's room. Forest of Winglies stardust 1
In a pillar on the right below the healing room. Forest of Winglies stardust 2

Neet: 1 stardustEdit

Main article: Neet
Total in game: 40 stardust
Found on a lamp post near the entrance. (Note: it cannot be retrieved by Rose when she visits Neet alone.) Neet stardust 1

Deningrad: 5 stardustEdit

Main article: Deningrad
Total in game: 45 stardust

Note: Stardust appear after Divine Dragon attacks Deningrad

Near the controls for the healing device on second floor of the inn. Deningrad stardust 3
Near the pile of goods, search at the bottom corner near the sword. Deningrad stardust 1
Found next to the previous pile of goods. Deningrad stardust 2
Found at the end of the path to the left of the Sacred Sister Wink. Deningrad stardust 4
Search the rubble near the Sacred Sister Luanna. Deningrad stardust 5

Vellweb: 1 stardustEdit

Main article: Vellweb
Total in game: 46 stardust
Found at the ruined altar inside the central (Shirley's) tower. Vellweb stardust 1

Disc 4Edit

Ulara: 3 stardustEdit

Main article: Ulara
Total in game: 49 stardust
Search the pot in the weapons shop in the North wall. Ulara stardust 2
Examine the rose bed. Ulara stardust 1
Examine the large snapping plant. Ulara stardust 3

Rouge: 1 stardustEdit

Main article: Rouge
Total in game: 50 stardust
Inside a pot adjacent to Martel's room. Rouge stardust 1


These are the prizes or rewards that you get for handing in all your stardust to Martel for her daughter.

Stardust Amount Prize Effect / Earliest / Before Boss
10 stardust Physical Ring Raises maximum HP 50%
Travel back to Bale from Marshlands. Before Wounded Virage
20 stardust Amulet Doubles maximum MP
Travel to Fletz after Meru joins the party. Before Complete Virage
30 stardust Wargod Sash Raises SP gains 50%
Travel back to Fletz from Home of Gigantos. Before Ghost Commander
40 stardust Rainbow Earring Prevents all abnormal states
Travel back to Deningrad from Neet. Before Divine Dragon
50 stardust Vanishing Stone Opens passage to Faust
Rouge. Before Faust / Last Kraken
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