Spirit Potion is a Healing Item used to restore 100 SP. It is the only recovery item that cannot be used outside battle. The reason behind this is that the SP you get from Spirit Potion can increase your Dragoon Level. Since it is impossible to get a "LEVEL UP" message outside a battle results screen, and perhaps to curtail spamming of Spirit Potions to level up Dragoon was programmed as a battle item. This effectively turns it into something close to a transfer of SP from other characters, although their damage would be bringing the enemy closer to death and thus ending the combat and requiring a new enemy to be acquired with a few exceptions. And of course it is expensive, although being used in combat takes extra time, so it can instead be seen as taking extra time away from acquiring money.

Spirit Potions can, effectively, be bought at the Arena in Lohan by buying 20 tickets for 200G and trading the tickets for the Potion. Rougly speaking, 2 G per SP. This can even speed up increasing Dragoon levels. However, all characters would require 200 Spirit Potions to max out their Dragoon levels from level 1; costing 40,000G at the Arena.

Four are available from chests:

  • One can be found in a chest in the Seventh Fort in the Marshlands.
  • One can be found on the tree roots accessible with the boat in the Marshlands.
  • One can be found by climbing up and down the easternmost vines in the Nest of Dragon
  • One can be found in a chest on the way to "Emperor Diaz" in Vellweb

Of all the monsters or bosses, only the Mermaid onboard the Queen Fury and in the Undersea Cavern, and the unique and hard to kill 00PARTS enemies, drop Spirit Potion

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