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Speed Up

Albert using the Speed Up item.

Speed Up is a one-of-a-kind Repeat Item that appears within The Legend of Dragoon. It can only be used once per battle to double a character's Speed (Agility) for the duration of three turns and can be found within the Valley of Corrupted Gravity. As your speed increases, naturally your attacks come faster. And so this item can be very useful during boss fights if you are in need of putting in some swift attacks. It is practically mandatory for fighting Unique Monsters, with their high chance of Escaping battle. It saves time Guarding when leveling a particular character's Additions or Dragoon Level. Because it is multiplicative, rather than additive (two times the Speed, rather than, say, plus 50 Speed), it adds more speed to characters with higher Speed. Whether this also means it is more beneficial to them, or the lower speed characters need it more, is up to the player.

No monsters are capable of using this item throughout the game. 


Valley of Corrupted Gravity: On the first screen, to the left, under the entrance path.
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