Soul Eater
Soul Eater
Price Free
Attack 75
Effect Powerful 10% HP decay once a turn
Buy None
Chest None
Drop Polter Armor
Loner Knight (2%)
User Dart

The Soul Eater is the most damaging weapon Dart can use and the first of the strongest weapons the player can obtain, but drains 10% of his health at the start of every turn (equal to that of his guard). The Soul Eater is dropped by the Polter Armor and the Loner Knight.

Polter ArmorEdit

The Soul Eater is obtained from the optional boss, Polter Armor.


The Soul Eater is one of Darts best weapons. Darts other best weapon is his Claymore. They are both his best weapons because unlike the Soul Eater with its drawback, the Claymore has no negative effects. Although, the Soul Eaters HP drain can be negated with the use of the Therapy Ring. The only downside of this is that Dart will not be able to equip an accessory that may be better suited for a particular fight.


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