Location Element
Phantom Ship Darkness
US 200
JAP 250
60 US 21
Attack Defense Counter
40 100 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
40 100 60
Item dropped
Broad Sword (2%)

Skeleton is a darkness element monster of which is located onboard the Phantom Ship.

All skeletons' attack and magic attack are equal and low. All skeletons have equal, medium-low defense and magic defense.

Appearance Edit

The skeleton is an undead humanoid that consisting completely in its entirety of bones. It wears armor and wields a sword in combat. It has a much more powerful cousin creature known as Mr Bone of which is simply a recolored version of this skeleton.

Battle Edit

Skeletons deal average physical damage with any of their abilities, and can heal by a small amount once their health reaches critical. They do not have too much health or defence either so you should be able to kill them in roughly 2-4 attacks, as long as you can take the damage then it shouldn't be a problem. They cannot inflict you with any status ailments and have no elemental attacks or weapons, so all in all, fairly average creatures for once with nothing special at all.

  • Skeleslash - Skeleton rushes forward to slash one target
  • Bone Throw - Skeleton throws a bone towards a single target dealing medium damage
  • HP Recovery - Skeleton recovers 30% of maximum HP: 60 HP US

Note that the only way to battle this creature is to walk into the floating spirits around the ship or the first two battles with Magician Bogey, or fail a combination to the safe.

Battle pairing / formationEdit

  • Encounter rate: Very common

All battle formations in which you will encounter a Skeleton:


Skeleton can drop the Broad Sword with a very rare probability of 2%. Something of an Easter Egg, this is the same as the first weapon Dart starts out with and has the lowest damage by far with nothing special for effects. This is a very rare drop that would take, on average, an hour or so, varying of course per person and their luck.