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Selebus (セレブ, Serebu) is one of the three executioners faced at Zenebatos. She is fought along side Vector and Kubila.


Dart and his fellow Dragoons venture through both the mechanized maze of Zenebatos and the legal maze of its bureaucracy. Shortly before reaching the Signet Sphere to protect it from Zieg, Judge Nomos, controlled by Zieg, sentences the party to death and three winged executioners appear: Selebus, Kubila, and Vector.


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The three executioners are strong and fast; not least because of the buff and heals that Selebus casts, and the Status Ailments that Kubila and Selebus cast to slow the party down.

Selebus is the support type of the three executioners and she will be slightly troublesome due to her abilities. An offensive stance would put Selebus at highest priority due to her healing ability of healing the other executioners. Special or being in Dragoon form or Healing Items will suffice for the rest. Either don't use magic on Selebus (she is very strong against magic) or use Depetrifiers, available in Zenebatos. A defensive stance would put Kubila at highest or middle priority to avoid Kubila's Can't Combat ability being used more than once or twice, respectively. A defensive stance tends to ignore her healing, prioritizing staying alive rather than worrying about having to do more damage later. Moreover, Vector does much more damage in giant form and stays giant if Selebus is killed, whereas Vector reverts to normal form on his next turn while Selebus is alive.

  • Bandage Wrap: uses tentacles that grab one party member before launching him away.
  • Holy Magnanimity: flies up in the air between the other executioners and heals them for 30% of their max HP. She will use this even if it completely ineffective because they are no longer present.
  • Hell Pool: a light comes down from the sky and lands in the middle of the party, zombie-like hands will appear and the outside edge of the red pool goes upward and collapses inward damaging all party members. Also known as, "The Dead"
  • Petrify Breath: after being hit by magic, on her next turn (so it is not a counterattack as such), blows a white gas that would Petrify one party member
  • Confusing Notes: sings an eerie tune that hits all party members and attempts to cause Confusion
  • Devil's Kiss: If Vector is present and normal size, she kisses Vector on the cheek which causes Vector to grow to a massive size