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| name = Scorpion
| name = Scorpion
| image = [[File:1509915882092-209162883.jpg|160px]]
| image = [[File:Scorpion.jpg|160px]]
| caption =
| caption =
| HP = US 280<br>JAP 350
| HP = US 280<br>JAP 350

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Scorpion is an Earth monster found in Death Frontier.

It has the ability to use the item Poison Needle, as well as drop a Poison Needle after it has been defeated.  It is a cousin of the Scissorhands in Barrens, and has the same named Vice Cut primary physical attack.

A rule of thumb for Legend of Dragoon monsters: if the creature has some kind of shell, it will have boatloads of physical Defense. Scissorhands, Screw Shell, and Rocky Turtle are examples, with no known exceptions. Metal creatures like the robotic Human Hunter, Bowling, Spring Hitter and Terminator; not so much.

Battle Edit

Main article: Battle

It has high Defense, and Magical Attack is more efficient

  • Vice Cut
  • Poison Stab - 50% chance of Poison

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations in which you will encounter a Scorpion:

Drop Edit

Poison Needle is a valuable tool against some Unique Monsters. It can be bought at Ulara

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