Savan is a powerful and knowledgeable wingly who has inhabited and powered the Magical City of Aglis since the Dragon Campaign. Over the course of 11,000 years, he developed several advanced wingly technology such as artificial intelligence, a magic viewing mirror, the Psychedelic Bomb, and Moot.

Spending so much time alone in one place, Savan eventually became numb to the significance of life and death. Four thousand years after the Dragon Campaign, he discovered Rose in his magic mirror and became inspired by her struggle and sacrifices to protect the world from the God of Destruction by killing the Moon Child at each rebirth. He decides to dedicate himself to her cause, developing Moot to seal the God of Destruction's body, like the Signet Spheres, and the Psychedelic Bomb to be used by Rose and her companions as a powerful weapon.

After sacrificing himself to protect Dart and party from the explosion of Moot and the Signet Sphere, Savan's heart lives on as Coolon, wings in the sky, who transports the party around the world from Zenebatos.

Savan's AutomatonEdit

Partially out of loneliness and partially out of necessity, Savan created numerous automaton with artificial intelligence and pleasant personalities. These automaton are constantly powered by Savan's magic, so when he dies, they will die too.

  • Spino - He delivers messages for Savan.
  • Decal - His job is mostly to entertain Savan with silliness. He spends most of the time spinning in a circle.
  • Ruff - He feels his life is rough and having only ever seen the underwater inside of Aglis, he deeply longs to see the outside just once.
  • Buckle - He befriends Miranda.
  • Lulu - Presumably Savan's closest automaton.


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