Sandworm is an earth-element based monster of which is located within The Death Frontier. It has the fifth highest Hit Points in the game, with only creatures on the Moon beating it; all Tower of Flanvel hidden area, Divine Tree, Zenebatos, Mayfil, and Aglis creatures have lower HP.

Sandworm can inflict Arm Blocking.

Appearance Edit

The Sandworm is a large worm like monster with tan colored skin with lines all along it's body, most likely due to dryness. Upon its sides rests two small fin like flaps, perhaps to swim around easier in the sand. Its bouncing up and down during the ready stance together with its toothy grin may give the impression of gleefully anticipating a hearty meal of party members.

Battle Edit

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Sandworm has a massive pool lot of health, however, its physical and magical defences are remarkably low. You should be capable of defeating these in only but a few hits with any attack type. Their damage isn't anything shy from average and they are very slow. In general, probably the easiest foe in this location, the only threatening ability it can muster is the chance of inflicting Arm-Block. Simply have with you a Body Purifier on standby or use Dragoon Form.

  • Dig 'nd Eat - The Sandworm burrows into the sand, erupting in front of the target and bites them for medium physical damage.
  • Throw Sand - The Sandworm spits sand at a single target dealing medium physical damage and possibly causing the Arm-Block status.

Battle pairing / formationEdit

  • Encounter rate: Very common

All battle formations in which you will encounter a Sandworm:


Upon defeat, this monster may drop the item Spirit Potion with a rare probability of 8%. These potions are excellent for getting your dragoon level higher quicker, however, you should already be around level four or five anyways. If not, then these are a welcome reward. Spirit Potions can be bought at the Arena for 200 Gold. The average time to obtain one via farming is roughly 10 minutes. As always, this varies per person.


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