Rocky Turtle (ロッキータートル, Rokkītātoru , lit. "Rocky Turtle") is an Earth element creature which can be located within Kashua Glacier. It is tied for third highest physical Defense in the game, along with Scissorhands and Screw Shell, behind Mad Skull and Scorpion.


Rocky Turtle is a fairly large scaly brown creature; its massive shell appears as if it is made of rock and the spiky protrusions from its shell look like three large cannons. It casts Fire based spells, and they appear to shoot from the 'cannons'.


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The fight against this creature will be slower without magic; unless you use magic, kill other enemies first. High (200) physical defense, decent HP and a relatively trivial physical attack make it the very definition of a tank. Of creatures on the Glacier, only the Land Skater has less physical attack. It has strong magical attacks, though, which it can use from at least Amber (<50%) health, making it more like a Battle Mage that casts spells clad in platemail armor. Whether or not it casts spells more when it is damaged, as most creatures do, attacking this hard-to-kill enemy last reduces the amount of time spent facing damage from other enemies and avoids taking spell damage at the same time. Only if you are consistently seeing it use spells, for damage that exceeds the other creatures' damage by more than the ratio of Rocky Turtle's HP to other creature's HP, should it be the priority target. Or, as previously stated, kill it first because you have magic to use on it and it is weak to that.

  • Slow Bite - Walks towards and bites slowly a single target dealing medium physical damage.
  • Burn Out - Launches a fire ball from the cannon like shell piece, dealing low fire element magical damage to a single target.
  • Gushing Magma - Launches a fire ball from the cannon like shell piece, dealing medium fire element magical damage towards all targets.

Battle pairing / formationEdit

  • Encounter rate: Common

All battle formations in which you will encounter a Rocky Turtle:

  • Rocky Turtle
  • Rocky Turtle x2
  • Rocky Turtle + Land Skater


This creature can drop the Guard Badge with a very rare probability of 2%. Buyable for 1000 G, raises physical and magical defence power by 20 each. Estimated average time until drop: 2 hours.


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