The Legend of Dragoon Wiki

Red Bird is a Unique Monster, which does not give any XP for defeating it; instead the heroes will be awarded with 1000 gold and a Phoenix Plume. It is found between Evergreen Forest and Deningrad.

The Red Bird is immune to any physical attacks directed at it, but will take 1 HP of damage from any magic attack. Red Bird has a high Magic Evade, and will run away. Using Dragoon Magic is an easy way of taking care of one, especially if the party includes Meru, who can have more turns than others due to her speed.

The Red Bird's melee attacks will do 10% HP damage (5% while defending) regardless of the character's Defense.

While Dragoon magic is effective, consider buying a couple Spark Net items in Deningrad. They cost 10 gold and can be useful if you don't like to wait for the Dragoon transformation and Magic animations. It is cost-effective since you will gain 1,000 gold and on average lose 200 gold per kill of the Red Bird. It also saves MP and time spent getting SP, and traveling to and resting at an Inn.

To get 10,000 gold (usually less than an hour of game play), 8 Red birds must be defeated since each drops a helm worth 300 gold. The following strategy is recommended:

  • Two Tiara (a helm for Meru, Miranda/Shana only) and two Wargod's Amulet will increase the odds of landing magic attacks. Wear Dancer's Shoes on Miranda/Shana and Magical Greaves on Meru. Have these two use Psychedelic Bomb X followed by Spark Net every turn, do not pump "X" button as all damage will be 1 anyway. If out of magic items dragoon magic may be used.
  • Have Dart wear Bandit's Shoes and Bandit's Ring and any weapon other than Soul Eater. Have Dart use Speed Down followed by Signet Stone (duration will be roughly doubled due to previous Speed Down) followed by Speed Up on whichever other character most recently went (to maximize time of speed up in effect before third turn of character ends effect). Dart Can then use magic.
  • Note: It is far more time efficient to allow a Red Bird to escape on the first or second turn in battle than risk half killing it (using magic which will take game time to replenish every few kills) and having it escape later. 8 to 10 magic casts are usually required even with both females at 130% magic hit rate. If lucky enough to hit on the first two magic casts and/or if Dart is late in the turn order, then a female using Signet Stone after Dart uses Speed Down may be prudent.