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Rainbow Bird is a unique monster that gives 3,000 XP when defeated, which is the most XP that can be received from a unique monster. It can be found on the road to Rouge from Queen Fury, infrequently, on the road between Death Frontier and Ulara, and rarely, on the three-way junction between the snow forest, the town of Bale, and the Dragon mountain on the Moon That Never Sets .

The Rainbow Bird is difficult to kill as it cannot be defeated with high damage alone, but requires four attacks to kill (Haschel's weapon that can do two damage to Unique Monsters is not obtained until the Moon That Never Sets). Added to this, it has a high chance of running away during that time. It is weak against Confusion and can attack itself for 1 pt. of damage when it is confused. Using a Sachet is the best way to win this fight. Other options are using Panic Bell, Miranda's Bemusing Arrow and/or Dart's Mind Crush. It has a rare chance to drop the Rainbow Dress, which can not be obtained elsewhere until Law City, Zenebatos.

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