Prison Island 1

Prison Island is the small area underground in which Dart and the group fight Lenus, in Dragoon form, and Regole. Meru's Blue Sea Dragoon Spirit is obtained after the fight.

This is the final new location before Disc Three.

Recommendations Edit

Fire damage. Dart's Heat Blade, Gushing Magma and other Fire Attack Items.

Lenus is a tank against Magic. If you are using magic attack items, kill Regole first.

Keep healed enough to keep two characters alive after both Regole's and Linus' special attacks, back to back. If only one survives, it had better be a fast one.

Bug and Fix Edit

Using Dragoon form in this battle may lead to a game crash. It is confirmed that this can happen on a second playthrough, but it is possible that it may occur on the first playthrough. It is confirmed that not using Dragoon at all in the battle will fix this bug;[1] it is confirmed that it is possible to use Dart and Shana's Dragoons in a party with Meru during the battle,[2] as long as all party members are in normal form at the end. This is not the only such bug in Legend of Dragoon; in the event of a game crash elsewhere in the game, it may be possible to use this same strategy.

Citations Edit

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