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Princess Emille (エミル, Emiru) is the daughter of King Zior of Fletz, older sister of Princess Lisa and first in line to the throne. She is destined to receive the Moon Dagger upon her twentieth birthday. She plays an important role as Albert's love interest.


Tutored by the King's astrologer Fester, who tells the group of the Moon That Never Sets, and gifted with the graciousness and poise of royalty, she is kind, graceful, and polite to a fault...or something.

When she first meets the party, the once-lovely princess seems none of these; quite the opposite, in fact. The king barely notices, let alone mind, praising her newfound boisterousness. But everyone else agrees Emille's disposition was much more agreeable before that bump on the head six months ago...

The cause of all of this is revealed by Gehrich upon his defeat in the Home of Gigantos. Upon the party's return to Fletz, they rescue the real princess; she has been imprisoned in a magical pocket dimension accessed through a painting in her castle tower room. The party knows the other princess must be an imposter, but they do not realize that the identity of the bandit and faux princess Lenus holds one more surprise in store, until they battle...

She appears once more in the ending scene in Bale, getting married to Albert.