Polter Armor (ポルターアーマー, Porutāāmā , lit. "Polter Armor" )is an optional boss found in Fort Magrad after traversing the snowfields that lead to Vellweb. Get close to the sign, and a scene shows Dart falling. On the way is treasure, at the bottom is Fort Magrad. Regular enemies from the Snowfield can attack.

Save at the Save Point; there is a scene trigger very close and then the battle starts automatically.

Soul Eater is a prize for winning the battle; the Armor of Yore and a Panic Bell are found behind the boss in treasure chests.


After some information about the Law City of Zenebatos you can go in and find the old court where Emperor Diaz rallied the troops for the Dragon Campaign. Rose has a flashback here once you get into the arena and it tells how she and Zieg would be married after the Campaign. However, they do not mind the caution as they would be together eternally.

After some talk, Dart makes a comment about how she is not the Rose he knew; then a red sword plunged in a column comes down and challenges them to a fight.

These are the restless spirits that could not die in the Dragon Campaign returned to one body, or armor, and is pretty savage.


This armor is Darkness based and uses a Helm, Armor, and Sword as basis and different parameters of attack.

  • Helm Command: Uses a special block command ability which can block one of: attack, defense, items, or dragoon transformation commands. This can be cured by dragoon transformation but will eventually dissolve after a few turns.
  • Armor Command: Uses powerful(and generally max strength) Dark magic: Black Rain, Dark Mist, Night Raid, and Light : Spectral Flash, Dancing Ray, Trans Light.
  • Sword Command: Two attacks: One is a slash that just does light damage. When any part of Polter Armor is defeated, and the Sword still lives until its next turn, it will then drift over to the character that defeated the armor part, and trace a glowing red circle into the ground. The circle blackens and a large flash of light beckons from a portal to hell a large, scaly appendage with four red claws to knock out the part's slayer, inflicting Can't Combat. Whether the Sword has summoned the demon claw twice, once, or zero times before, it will always call it one more time when it dies, attacking the Sword's killer.

Talisman prevents the One Hit KO (Can't Combat) from the claw. So does Rose's Hairband; this means postponing fighting Polter Armor, traveling from Snowfield to Vellweb, and returning. Perhaps Rose was right to keep advising to move on from Fort Magrad


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