The artificial Signet Sphere, Moot

That red light is Moot, the new Signet.


Moot was an advanced piece of Wingly technology, specifically Savan's, located at Aglis, the Magic City. Its purpose was to act as an extra seal to the body of the Virage Embryo.


Savan worked on magical research in the ruins of Aglis without a cause for 4000 years until he observed Rose's terrible duty as the Black Monster. Inspired by her willingness to do whatever it took to save the world, he spent the next 7000 years working on his ultimate creation, Moot, to completely seal the Moon That Never Sets. According to Phewy, magic power as strong as the Signet Spheres are gathered in Moot.


As Savan and the Dragoons approach Moot to activate it, the Last Kraken is manipulated by Zieg to attack the signet sphere. Dart and company stop the creature, but the energy field generated by their Dragoon Spirits sets off a runaway reaction in Moot. The Signet Sphere resonates with Moot and is destroyed by Moot as it explodes.

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