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First Sacred Sister Miranda (ミランダ) of Mille Seseau is the last character to join the group in Legend of Dragoon. She replaces Shana on CD 3 and from thereon accompanies the group in their pursuit of Lloyd.

Character Design[]

Miranda has long golden blonde hair with fringes on each side and brown eyes. Like Dart, she wears a red headband, but it features copper detailing.


Artwork of Miranda.

Her primary outfit consists of a red neck-high breastplate, gauntlets and belt with the same copper detailing, a white long-sleeved pleated skintight short dress underneath, and brown thigh-high boots with folded sleeves. Like Shana, she wields the bow and arrow during battle. They are darker in color and more ornate.

As a Dragoon, her appearance resembles Shirley's, but highly contrasts Shana's.

Her White Silver Dragoon armor is primarily light tan in color. It features shoulder pauldrons with orange accents connected to the breastplate, elbow-length gauntlets and knee-high, high-heeled greaves. Her breastplate is backless and features orange detailing on the edges with a green gem at the collar-bone. Her lower body is protected by an armored skirt which trails off to the left and right and she wears black leggings underneath. Her headband is orange in color and features several gems which match the large one featured on her breastplate. Her wings have a yellow glow in contrast with Shana's green.


Miranda is a courageous, reliable companion, brave and dedicated to her mission. However, she is very harsh towards her soldiers in Mille Seseau, and has a tendency to be extremely candid, no-nonsense and direct in her attitude towards others. She also often challenges her companions' authority, and at one point even physically hits Rose after getting into an argument and feeling provoked. Despite her hard as nails exterior, she has a tender heart when it comes to Queen Theresa and her fellow Sacred Sisters, and is utterly fearless and never leaves the people close to her behind.


Abilities and Attributes[]

Miranda retains the attributes of her predecessor Shana, boasting the best magical attack and defense of all characters, great speed, average HP and low physical attrack and defense. Her inability to use additions makes her physical attack the weakest of the entire cast and useful for mostly gaining SP or occasionally securing a kill on a weakened enemy.

While this may lead to an initial impression of not being a useful character, Miranda has notable potential when given a closer look. Her speed, the second highest of all characters after Meru, allows her to have more turns per battle than most other characters, and make her the ideal character to use items. Her high speed and her amazing magical attack allow her to repeatedly use magical attack items up to the potential of trivializing some otherwise difficult boss fights, as this allows her to exploit an enemy’s elemental weakness. Last but not least, she has a good Dragoon form with useful healing spells as well the arguably best Dragoon magic spell in the entire game, the White-Silver Dragon.

To summarize, while Miranda may look weak or nothing special on the first impression, a sophisticated use of her strengths and abilities can make her a very useful team member and allows for some unique strategies.


Miranda uses bows in combat. The following weapons are obtainable by Shana before Miranda joins the party:

Name Attack Price Source Effect
Short Bow 3 Start
Sparkle Arrow 9 Bale chest and shop Light elemental damage
Long Bow 18 150 Kazas Chance to hit +10%
Bemusing Arrow 24 250 Arrow Shooter, Fueno Chance to cause Confusion

Weapons obtainable after Miranda joins:

Name Attack Price Source Effect
Virulent Arrow 30 350 Kashua Glacier (Segundo) Poison
Arrow of Force 39 400 Ulara Gains 50% more SP
Detonate Arrow 50 Moon Attacks all enemies



Miranda in her Dragoon form.

Acquiring the Dragoon Spirit[]

Miranda inherits the White-Silver Dragoon Spirit from Shana in the Crystal Palace on CD 3, when the spirit rejects its previous owner in the cabinet of the Signet Sphere.

Dragoon Levels[]

Main article: Leveling

Miranda gains Spirit Points (SP) from attacks with no addition bonuses, and the number rises with her Dragoon level. While initially the value is low, at Dragoon Level 5 she gains 150 SP per attack, allowing her to quickly fill her SP during combat. Because she inherits Shana's stats, Miranda will join the party with Shana's previously achieved Dragoon Level.

Dragoon Level SP gained per attack Attack AT Defense DF Magic AT MAT Magic DF MDF
1 35 200% 200% 150% 200%
2 50 205% 210% 155% 210%
3 75 210% 220% 160% 220%
4 100 215% 230% 165% 230%
5 150 220% 250% 170% 250%

In order to DLV up quickly, she is best equipped with accessories that can help her gain SP, such as the the Wargod's Sash.

Dragoon Magic[]

Main article: Dragoon Magic
Name Obtained MP Target Effect
Moon Light Initial 10 Single ally 100% Recover or Revive with 50% Health, removes status problems
Star Children Dragoon Level 2 20 All enemies Light STR 25%
Gates of Heaven Dragoon Level 3 30 All allies 50% Recover or Revival, removes status problems*
White Silver Dragon Dragoon Level 5 80 All enemies & allies Light STR 100% and Allies 100% Recover

*The game specifies 100% recovery, which is an error. It also does not state the cure of status problems for Moon Light and Gates of Heaven.


Miranda portrait

Miranda's Menu Portrait.

WARNING: Section contains spoilers.

Miranda was born in the northern country of Mille Seseau. Miranda's mother named her after a goddess of the same name and was proud of her child. Miranda's mother was not suited to the life of a housewife and her husband was a lazy, unemployed alcoholic who had the bad habit of drinking away all the money she had earned. This frustration led Miranda's mother to abuse her before she eventually abandoned Miranda and her father for a new life with another man. The loss affected Miranda greatly and she started to lock away her emotions and suppressed the issue deep within herself. Eventually Miranda's father died leaving her an orphan. Miranda spent much time at Kashua Glacier contemplating her troubled past in solitude.

She joins Dart and the group on Disc 3 upon the orders of Queen Theresa, to accompany the Dragoons in their quest to face the Divine Dragon who has broken free from his millenials old seal. Just a few moment afterwards, the Dragoon Spirit of the White-Silver Dragon leaves Shana in the cabinet of the Signet Sphere and chooses Miranda as its new wielder.

She reveals in Disc 4 that she hates roses because when her mother was "hurting her" there were roses in the background. She claimed that roses got their red from the blood of others, and were "disgusting things".



  • When Miranda is dispirited, she slouches forward while standing and moves her head in a dizzy motion.
  • When Blocking, Miranda holds her bow horizontally in front of her face.
  • When in Critical Health, Miranda stands leaning forward while holding her stomach with her right hand.
  • Miranda has two idle poses; her first has her putting her right hand on her hip and leaning slightly, her second has her standing perfectly straight while crossing her arms.
  • Miranda's Dragoon armor shape is completely different from Shana's but it bears a close resemblance to Shirley's.
  • Though Miranda cannot use Additions in the final product, it was at one point planned for her and/or Shana to have them, and voice lines can be found on the Japanese discs. The names found include Dragon Needle, Silver Rain, Bakuretsu no Ya (Explosive Arrow), Ankoku no Ya (Arrow of Darkness), Kekkai (unknown, possibly Barrier or Break), and Life Force. It's possible that some of these effects were retained in some way in the Detonate Arrow and weapon effects in general, with "Darkness" perhaps having been a means of inflicing Arm-Blocking on enemies given Miranda's own Light element. These voice lines are stored at a different bit rate than those of other characters, perhaps so playing them at the same speed as the others could be used for Shana and the "correct" speed could be used for Miranda, as they do appear to be Miranda's Japanese voice. Alternatively, it's possible that Miranda may have been intended to serve as an "upgrade" to Shana as a general with more combat experience who could potentially be a much more powerful attacker. This would have put a significant burden on the player to grind whatever Additions may have been unlocked by her levels given how late she appears in the game. The lines would not have been redone at the higher quality of the other characters in this case. Regardless, the lines were completely removed from subsequent releases and no equivalents exist on the English discs.

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