Location Element
Magical City, Aglis Earth
US 960
JAP 1200
180 US 48
JAP 16
Attack Defense Counter
103 160 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
73 100 50
Item dropped
Heavy Mace (2%)

Minotaur is an Earth-element based monster of which is located within The Magic City, Aglis. This is the most powerful monster in this location, and the more threatening for often appearing with other monsters. It is also the only one that isn't Water-element based. It rarely drops the Heavy Mace, far too late to be of much use.


This monster is physically very large, as in tall and muscular. It is covered in black fur and has two very large curved horns growing out of its head. On the sides of its mouth are two smaller yet still very large tusks. Upon its face is the snout of a boar, its forehead is graced with a sort of red gem and its eyes glare red. There are small spikes coming out from its shoulders. It has broad cloven hooves and it wields a very large Khukuri sword with a curved end of which has a ball like object stuck to it, to give the blade added weight and therefore force when it hits.


Main article: Battle

Minotaur is the most powerful single opponent in this location so be cautious. Its attack and defence are higher than other opponents here and the same can be said of its health. The good side to this is its speed, such a slow opponent that you are almost guaranteed to have all your characters go at least twice before it does. Be aware that as its health decreases, the chance for it to inflict Fear upon all your characters with a roar increases. Try and take it out fairly fast since its physical damage is pretty high, and hope for the best if you aren't guarding when it does All-out Attack since its capable of doing around 1,000+ damage even to higher leveled players.

  • Iron Mace - Smashes a single target with its massive weapon dealing high physical damage.
  • Charging Spirit - Uses special attack or All-out Attack next turn.
  • All-out Attack - Smashes a single target with its massive weapon dealing massive physical damage.
  • Angry Roar - Roars towards all targets dealing medium magical damage and has a given probability to inflict Fear upon hit.

Do note, this monster is immune to the status ailment Fear.

Battle pairing / formationEdit

  • Encounter rate: Uncommon / Common

All battle formations in which you will encounter a Minotaur:


Upon defeat, this monster may drop the weapon Heavy Mace with a very rare probability of  2%. If you have yet to buy this Item in Vellweb for 400 gold and still want Meru to equip it, than maybe it would be worth grinding, however, the average time to obtain said weapon is roughly 40 minutes. As always, this varies per person.