Minintos are a diminutive, intelligent species of Endiness. According to myth they were the 99th fruit of the Divine Tree, created soon after Gigantos, the 97th. A domain in which Minintos live and which they govern is one of the slightly surreal areas on the Moon That Never Sets.

A notable Mininto is Mr. Pelpee, who is first met in Lohan trying to resell an overpriced ticket. He later becomes a popular resident of the bar in Donau who gives the Dragoons a clue where to find the Golden Dragoon Spirit.

One of the games at the Arena is guessing which of three Minintos has something hidden under their hat.

It may of course be put down to Kongol's limited command of Human language, or his unique perspective as the only known remaining Giganto, but Kongol does not say, Emperor Doel wanted to make Humans and Gigantos equal, he says Doel wanted to make "every species equal", perhaps indicating there were friendly relations between Gigantos and Minintos.

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