Mind Crush
Price 350 Gold
Attack 34
Effect Chance to inflict Confusion upon hit
Buy Kashua Glacier
Drop N/A
User Dart

Mind Crush is a sword from which only Dart can wield. It can be located within a chest situated in The forbidden landsKadessa, also you can purchase it exclusively from the peddler, Segundo for 350 gold. Mind Crush has a givin probability to inflict Confusion upon hit towards any targets of which are not immune to this status.

This weapon is much more powerful than the Falchion, especially since it has no affect either, however, for locations such as Kashua Glacier and Snowfield where the majority of all creatures, bosses included, are water element, it would still out perform the Heat Blade due to the far superior damage which overwhelms the low damage plus an elemental bonus. So all in all, the Mind Crush would be the best choice for the point in the game where you first are capable of retrieving one.

You can utilise this blade's potential on the slaying of Unique Monster, which in turn should make the process faster, easier, and more efficient. After or before using the Magic Stone of Signet, the player can use Dart to try and confuse the unique monster. While confused, the monster will take damage, including the same time it tries to attack. Keep in mind that this can be a difficult tactic as well completly depending on the players luck, because confusion can give the monster more opportunities to flee.


Description Location
Mind Crush can be bought within the cave at Kashua Glacier by the peddler, Segundo.
Gushing Magma Chest
Mind Crush can be located from this chest at The forbidden lands / Kadessa.