Deningrad with the Crystal Palace in the background, before it is attacked

Mille Seseau is the northern most located country in Endiness.

Mille Seseau is the largest country, situated to the north of the continent. Mille Seseau's capital, and Miranda's birthplace and home, is in Deningrad, which houses a huge elaborate complex maze-like palace made out of fine clear crystal, The palace was formerly a part of a Wingly city; its Queen is Theresa.

It is the birth country of Dart, born in Neet, and Meru, born in the Forest of Winglies. Unbeknownst to her, Shana was also born here, inside the Crystal Palace of Deningrad.

Kadessa embattled during the Dragon Campaign, long before the main storyline of LoD

It has a very cold climate, especially in the winter, consisting mostly of forests and snowy forests, but not quite as snowy as Gloriano, which happens to get more precipitation in the winter.

It is one of the larger, if not the largest, country in Endiness. The area of Mille Seseau comprises the smaller locations of Furni, the Water City, the capital Deningrad, the Crystal Palace town (shop, no combat), the Wingly Forest, Kadessa, the Forbidden Land, the Mountain of Mortal Dragon, Kashua Glacier, the Tower of Flanvel

To the west, where Dart and company head to after leaving Mille Seseau, is the forgotten lands of Gloriano.

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