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  • Hi, every now and then I find some random user accounts creating posts with seemingly innocent (yet generic) replies only to edit them a few months later just to add some random spam links.

    How can I deal with this the most efficient way? I guess I could disable the forums entirely, since there's no activity there with the exception of a serious thread that was created back in May.

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    • The best thing to do is report it to the VSTF. They can delete or rollback all contributions from a particular user pretty easily.

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    • Sure, I can try to report them. Do you know if they are able to block the IP that created those accounts? (Suggesting they were all created by the same IP.)

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    • Just noticed that all of them has the "This user is currently blocked across the FANDOM network" message when you check their contributions, so I guess there is really no need to report them now.

      But now at least I have somewhere to report any new spammers. Thanks!

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    • They must have spammed multiple wikis and got gBlocked. Let me and/or the VSTF know if you have problems with spammers or vandals.

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