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Meru (メル) is a playable character in The Legend of Dragoon. She is a cheerful, perky young dancer from Donau who joins Dart and the other Dragoons in their pursuit of Lloyd during their journey through Tiberoa.

Character Design[]

Meru is a slender girl with long back-length silver hair being tied in a high ponytail adorned with a large blue ribbon. She has red eyes.

Her main outfit is a glamorous but revealing dress; a blue bra top with a gold trim which is connected with red straps similar to a shoulder holster, a shades of blue revealing skirt at the front skirt resemble a kilt and the back skirt is large that resembles a fairy wing with gold designs at the edge. She also wears red sandals with blue and gold straps.

Meru Full

Artwork of Meru.

As a Dragoon, she resembles Damia, the original wielder of the Blue Sea Dragoon Spirit and her Dragoon outfit is similar to the one worn by Lenus. She wears a blue strapless Dragoon armor leotard that resembles a strapless one-piece suit and was connected into blue two wires in each sides to show off the skin of her waistline. She also has blue Dragoon armor guards on both of her thighs as the straps are white and was connected to her knee guards and wears a blue Dragoon ankle-length armor boots. Her long hammer transforms into a giant Dragoon Hammer and was accessorized with long blue Dragoon gloves and her blue Dragoon headband resembles a segmented tiara. Her Dragoon wings are a translucent white with a shades of blue outlines. In her in-game the entire color is in the shades of deep blue and retaining the colors of her Dragoon wings.


Meru is perky, cheerful, a bit childish, being especially spoiled around Dart. She also serves as a morale-booster for her team, after she joined the team even without the team's complete agreement. While she usually looks cheerful, she does have a serious side, as she shows at the Forest of Winglies upon returning home. Meru can be very upbeat and spontaneous, sometimes driving her friends crazy, sometimes boosting their mood at the right time. Her win animation also shows some clumsiness when she got tripped by her own hammer.

While Meru often may seem immature, as the game progresses, she develops an increasing sense of responsibility and an unshakable belief in her friends, as well as a firm conviction that Winglies and Humans can peacefully coexist.


Abilities and Attributes[]

Meru is among the most polarizing characters of the cast. She has the highest speed of all characters in the group, paired with great magical attack and magical defense abilities, but the lowest HP pool and the worst physical attack and defense of all characters as well (just a bit worse than Shana and Miranda). While this gives her terrible survivability and a low physical damage output per turn, it also means that she has by the most turns per battle of any character, compensating for the drawbacks mentioned before.

Meru’s amazing agility not only significantly improves her damage output throughout a battle, but also makes her a tactically useful character and a great choice to use items in battle. Magical attack items, in particular, benefit greatly from her high magical attack attribute, and given her high speed, this gives her the option to repeatedly use attack items with the potential of completely trivializing some otherwise challenging boss fights (a strategy which also works with Shana and Miranda).

Meru’s additions are noteworthy as well. While her first two additions are no particular standouts, Cool Boogie yields a large amount of SP at the cost of being very weak, while Cat’s Cradle is among the strongest non-final additions among the entire cast, albeit its SP gain is very low and significantly compromises her potential to use her Dragoon form. Her final addition, Perky Step, has the highest damage multiplier of all additions in the game at an astonishing 600%. While Meru’s damage output per completed addition is still weaker than of most other characters, her speed allows her to attack more often, allowing her to rack up significant damage in battle.

Last but not least, Meru has a good Dragoon form which greatly benefits from her stat distribution as well. Her attacking spells make good use of her magical attack , while Rainbow Breath, a healing spell for the entire group, costs 10 MP less than Shana's/Miranda's Gates of Heaven at the expense of not being able to revive. The combined ability of both healing and attacking with high efficiency makes Meru a very useful Dragoon.

Regardless of all these advantages, it must be taken into account that Meru arguably has the worst survivability of the entire cast, and therefore requires diligent and careful gameplay. However, when using her advantages well, Meru emerges as a very rewarding character.


Weapon Stat Buy Sell Location Effect
Mace 15 N/A 100 Initial
Morning Star 20 250 125

Fueno, Hellena Warden

War Hammer 25 300 150 Wingly Forest
Heavy Mace 30 400 200

Vellweb, Minotaur

Chance to cause Stun
Pretty Hammer 15 N/A 200 Last Kraken Generates double SP
Basher 40 500 250 Moon


Main article: Additions

Meru's additions are fairly versatile, however, she is somewhat held back throughout the game by getting her last basic addition, Cat's Cradle, extremely late, which means that she has only access to her final addition in the late stages of the game. Given her useful Dragoon form, Hammer Spin, a decent all-around addition, or Cool Boogie, a weak but SP-rich addition, are arguably better choices than Cat's Cradle, which may be among the strongest non-final additions of the cast, but only earns terrible 20 SP, which means five completions are required for a single Dragoon round.

Her final addition has an outstanding 600% damage multiplier, the highest among the cast, and give her notable offensive prowess. Although her damage output per completed addition is usually still weaker than of most other characters, she is able to attack more frequently than her teammates due to her high speed.

Name Lvl. Add (#)
Double Smack Initial 1
Addition Level Damage SP
Level 1 100% 20
Level 2 110% 24
Level 3 120% 28
Level 4 130% 32
Level 5 150% 34
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Name Lvl. Add (#)
Hammer Spin 21 3
Addition Level Damage SP
Level 1 150% 35
Level 2 162% 46
Level 3 174% 51
Level 4 186% 59
Level 5 202% 70
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Name Lvl. Add (#)
Cool Boogie 26 4
Addition Level Damage SP
Level 1 100% 60
Level 2 100% 90
Level 3 100% 120
Level 4 100% 150
Level 5 100% 200
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Name Lvl. Add (#)
Cat's Cradle 30 6
Addition Level Damage SP
Level 1 150% 20
Level 2 195% 20
Level 3 240% 20
Level 4 285% 20
Level 5 351% 20
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Name Lvl. Add (#)
Perky Step Master Addition 7
Addition Level Damage SP
Level 1 200% 100
Level 2 300% 100
Level 3 400% 100
Level 4 500% 100
Level 5 600% 100
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Battle Gallery[]



Meru's Blue Sea Dragoon form.

Acquiring the Dragoon Spirit[]

Meru's Dragoon Spirit of the Blue Sea Dragon is the sixth (or seventh if you obtain Kongol's spirit from the Lohan merchant right after he joins the party) spirit obtained after the battle with Lenus and Regole. As Lenus dies, she throws her blades, almost hitting Dart and Shana. With her final attempt thwarted, she calls for Lloyd one more time and closes her eyes. A bright blue light shines over Lenus, rising to reveal itself to Meru, thereby signifying her right to rule dragons. With joy, she begins to dance before the other dragoons walk out on her.

Dragoon Transformation[]

Upon transforming, the Blue Sea Dragoon spirit glows at the center to form a block of ice which makes Meru breaks the block of ice with her hammer to transform into her Dragoon form.

Dragoon Magic[]

Main article: Dragoon Magic

As one of the most balanced Dragoons, The Blue Sea Dragoon offers healing and restoration with Rainbow Breath, along with three Water attack spells (2 for a single opponents, and one for attacking all opponents). Due to Meru's high magic attack stat (second only to Shana/Miranda), she is both a good healer and attacker. Compared to her naturally low physical attack, she gains a large attack boost in Dragoon form, as well as a large boost for her low physical defense.

Her dragoon magic is particularly useful against any enemy that causes status effects (ie. Polter Armor or Divine Dragon) as well as Bosses of the Fire element (e.g. Zieg).

Name Dragoon Level MP Target Effect
Freezing Ring Initial 10 Single enemy Water 50%
Rainbow Breath 2 20 All allies Recover 50% and cures status ailments
Diamond Dust 3 30 All enemies Water 50%
Blue-Sea Dragon 5 80 Single enemy Water 100%


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Chapter 2: Platinum Shadow[]

Meru first appears in the Flower City, Donau, where she is being apprehended by bandits. Meru claims one of them touched her butt because they were unable to resist how pretty she was. The bandits are dumbfounded at her statement, causing Meru to get upset. She believes they weren't taking her seriously, so she winds up a strong punch that strikes through two of three of the bandits, knocking them back a great distance. The bandits immediately question her naivety, only to find out Meru knew exactly who and what they were. Intimidated by her, they fled the scene. Dart and friends walk down from the mayor's home to find Meru chasing off one of the bandits. She is at first hostile towards them, pulling out her hammer and asking them if they were apart of the Gehrich gang. Albert notices she has the same hair as Lloyd; Haschel comments everything else about them is different. Meru continues to ask about who Dart's group could be, stating they were odd looking people. She asks for Dart's name, and returns her's, introducing herself as the best dancer in Donau. Rose recommends that they ignore her and continue their mission. Albert agrees, citing their objective to rescue Lynn. Meru overhears this and becomes overjoyed, explaining that she was going to rescue Lynn too, but then those bandits came.

Chapter 3: Fate and Soul[]

Chapter 4: Moon and Fate[]




  • When the player visits Donau right after freeing Lynn from the Gehrich Gang, the group witnesses the wedding ceremony of Lynn and Kate. At the scene where Kate throws her flower bouquet, the player can press X to make Shana catch the bouquet. However, if the player is too slow, Meru or Haschel will catch it instead.
    • The trigger for this appears to be Dart's dialogue choice in the bed room after the banquet with the false Princess Emille. If Dart tells Meru that he does think she will look pretty in a wedding dress, then she will catch it. If he says otherwise, Haschel will agree that Meru "lacks that mature charm." This latter option results in Haschel later intercepting the bouquet if the player skips the prompt to have Shana catch it, which irks Meru greatly.
    • It appears as if Dart was attempting to prevent Shana from catching it, as he was pushing her away from Kate.
  • Meru's idle animation has her putting her hands behind her head and gently rocking from side to side. When you control her in the Forest of Winglies she will not perform her rocking idle animation, but instead she will perform an impatient, stomping animation.
  • Meru is one of two characters (the other being Shana) who has "fidget" idle animations; she does a wide spin in place.
  • When defending, Meru holds her hammer, mainly the pole over her face horizontally.
  • When in Critical Health, Meru kneels down and slouches forward slightly while holding her hammer over her right shoulder.
  • When dispirited, Meru stands straight with her knees slightly bent and her head spinning around as if dizzy; she also lazily leans against her hammer, with her hammer touching the ground as if she has lost the will to hold it up.

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