Martel (Single)
Role Traveler
Home Town Rouge

Martel (マーテル, Māteru) is a motherDart and friends first bumped into in Bale. She has a sick daughter in Rouge. She believes stardust actually exist and travels around the world to collect all fifty of them. She can trade Dart his stardusts for some valuable items which cannot be bought or found.


Chapter 1: The Serdian WarEdit

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In Bale, after Lavitz finishes visiting his mother, Dart and friends prepare to depart to Hoax. On their way out of town, a yellow-bloused woman bumps into them. The woman calls them clumsy and walks away. Dart can meet the woman at the house next to Lavitz's home, turning in stardust to her in exchange for equipment. Dart can visit Martel at this location while playing disc 1, and can visit her at other locations on discs 2-4 (see below).

Chapter 2: Platinum ShadowEdit

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Martel can be found inside Fletz's home café after first speaking with Kaffi, then spending the night at Nello's.

Chapter 3: Fate and SoulEdit

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After the destruction brought by the Divine Dragon on Deningrad, Martel can be seen helping other Mille Seseauans to the left of the shops.

Chapter 4: Moon and FateEdit

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Martel can be seen lying beside her sick daughter, Lil, in the bedroom in Rouge. If Dart gives her 48 Stardust, Martel will wish for a happy future for her daughter, and she will be healed. Her daughter will begin healing gradually. After Dart gives her all 50 Stardust, her pale daughter will become fully healed, finally able to walk around lively. Martel will then thank Dart and company, and give them the Vanishing Stone


Martel will give you an item per ten stardusts found.

  • 10 stardusts - Physical Ring
  • 20 stardusts - Amulet
  • 30 stardusts - Wargod Sash
  • 40 stardusts - Rainbow Earring


  • Martel had traveled Serdio, Tiberoa and Mille Seseau although she came from Rouge.
  • At disc 1 when Martel bumped into Dart and friends, she said she was carrying her baby, but at disc 4 she was seen accompanying her child daughter.
    • Lil's dialog after being healed mentions a "baby brother", so it's possible that this is who Martel traveled with, while Lil remained in Rogue. However, the baby is never seen after meeting her in Bale, and that is the only mention.