Man Eating Bud
Man Eating Bud
Location Element
Nest of Dragon Darkness
US 132
JAP 160
20 US 24
Attack Defense Counter
14 100 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
14 100 80
Item dropped
Angel's Prayer (8%)

Man Eating Bud is a Darkness enemy that dwells in the Nest of Dragon. It is a rare spawn, 5% of the time, that appears alone.

Appearance Edit

This monster is a giant man-eating flower that has three tentacles that it uses for attacking with. It has orange petals and a green body.

Battle Edit

  • Attack - The Man Eating Bud slithers up and strikes a character
  • Charging Spirit - The Man Eating Bud gathers its strength to use "All Out Attack"
  • All Out Attack - Man Eating Bud Strikes one character for massive damage
  • Black Rain - Man Eating Bud uses a multi-target Darkness based Magic Attack.

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations in which you will encounter a Man Eating Bud:

  • Man Eating Bud

Drop Edit

Confirmed to drop an Angel's Prayer at 8% probability. Unconfirmed reports state that it has a small chance to drop Plate Mail (other such drops are at 2%), which otherwise drops only from Greham, and cannot be bought until much later. None of the reliable sources available confirm this. Only the fact that the Bud itself is so rare, that a rare drop from it might have eluded testers, prevents the immediate conclusion that the reporter must be mistaking Greham's drop for the Bud's. By the same token, it might take too much time, waiting for such a rare thing to drop. Most players will probably content themselves with one out of two metal armor wearers equipped in Plate Mail, and the other in Scale Armor until Fueno.

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