Mammoth (マンモス, Manmosu, lit. "Mammoth") is a Earth element creature which is located within Kashua Glacier. It has the seventh highest Hit Points in the game, with only Sandworm from Death Frontier and creatures on the Moon beating it.


This opponent is very massive in physical size and is coated with thick fur in its entirety. It has two large curved tusks, two equally as large horns where a real life Mammoth's ears would be, red eyes, and a bald head.


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This creature has massive health but takes high damage as well, especially from magic, with medium-low Magic Defense. You should be able to defeat it between three to possibly one magic attacks based upon the spell items and your stats, and similar results for physical damage.

These creatures take a little longer to kill and have a chance to poison multiple people during a battle, considering you can fight two at a time. Their ability to stun a single character isn't really anything to worry about unless other creature types are in the battle as well, this is due to how little you need to hit these to defeat them. Poison can be a tide turner here so be sure to have some Body Purifiers or simply use your dragoon power for a turn.

  • Trunk whip - Walks towards a single target, stands up than smashes down with its trunk dealing medium physical damage. 
  • Hazardous Breath - Breathes greem gas towards a single target dealing low magic damage and inflicting Poison upon hit.
  • Stinky Breath - Breathes red gas towards a single target dealing low magic damage and inflicting Stun upon hit.

Do note that this creature is immune to Can't Combat.

Battle pairing / formationEdit

  • Encounter rate: Very common

All battle formations in which you will encounter a Mammoth:

  • Mammoth
  • Mammoth x2


This creature can drop the spell item Stunning Hammer with a rare probability of 8%. This item can be useful depending upon the situation, especially with unique creatures. Can be bought for 20 gold late on the fourth disc. So if you are in need of them before then, you could try to get them here. Although the drop rate isn't too great, the average time to get these is roughly 10 minutes, this is probably due to how common they are. This does vary per person.


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