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Slide down the cliff from the (character's) right side of the warning sign; press the X-button at the 1st, 3rd & 4th "!" Action Icons

Magic Shield is a one of a kind item that appears in The Legend of Dragoon. It can be found in the Snowfield, on the slide down to Fort Magrad.

Magic Shield is a Repeat Item, that once used on a character lasts three turns of nullifying magical attacks.

With enemies in the game almost always spamming magic once they get to low HP, there is a large spike in difficulty at the end of each fight, if the player is "underleveled", as they would be in a "LL" Low Level or Speed Run challenge playthrough. Magic Shield is very helpful at this, since the timing is good. It kicks in right after the other repeat items start to wear off, Speed Up going first, Power Up second, maybe another item, and right before the enemy starts using magic attacks for big damage, Magic Shield.

How to get it[]

At the second screen in Snowfield, approach the sign near the cliff's edge. Move to the right side of the sign (character's right as he's facing the cliff edge) and press the X-button to jump over the edge. You'll be taken to a new screen where your character is sliding down the mountain.

Press the X-button at the first, third and fourth exclamation mark "!" prompts and he will stop at the chest on the left side of the screen. Press the X-button to open the chest.