Loner Knight
Loner Knight
Location Element
Death City, Mayfil Darkness
US 704
JAP 900
204 US 54
JAP 16
Attack Defense Counter
99 140 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
81 140 60
Item dropped
Soul Eater (2%)

Loner Knight is a Darkness-element based monster of which is located within The Death City, Mayfil.


Loner Knight seems to be a humanoid corpse with gold trimmed heavy plate armor on, a large ragged green cape, and a deadly sword. Its lower body is completely gone and instead there is a fleshy limb that hangs down with a triple pointed end. This monster can float in the air and use that limb to move around in the air as if it were a tail and it swam in water. Upon its head rests three brightly colored fabrics that hang from the helmet. The tail makes it appear as if it could be a merfolk such as Merman, Mermaid or Aqua King, only undead.


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This monster deals decent damage so be careful, and do note that both its magical and physical defenses are the same and fairly high. And so, unless you've been spamming Psychedelic Bomb X or Light-element based spell items throughout your journey here, than magic won't be more impressive than Additions. Be cautious for their ability to inflict Stun or Confusion upon hit. They almost always travel with a Human Hunter. They don't have much health and so they shouldn't take long to defeat.

  • Bloody Cut - Flies towards a single target and slashes at them with its sword, dealing medium physical damage.
  • Stench of Death - Flies at a single target, breathes on them inflicting Stun on hit with a 50% probability.
  • Cursing Stench - Flies at a single target, breathes on them with a 50% probability of inflicting Confusion or Stun on hit

Do note, this monster is immune to all Status Ailments.

Battle pairing / formationEdit

  • Encounter rate: Rare

All battle formations in which you will encounter a Loner Knight.:


Upon defeat, this monster may drop the ultimate weapon Soul Eater with a very rare probability of 2%. The is the easiest, only repeatable, and second only method of obtaining this weapon. It is by far the most powerful weapon obtainable for Dart and would make perfect sense for someone to grind these monsters to retrieve it. The average amount of time to obtain one is roughly an hour. As always, this varies per person.