Lizard Man
Lizard Man
Location Element
Nest of Dragon Earth
US 40
JAP 50
18 US 15
Attack Defense Counter
17 160 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
14 40 50
Item dropped
Beast Fang (2%)

Lizard Man (リザードマン, Rizādoman, lit. "Lizard Man") is a monster based on the element Earth. It can be found in the Nest of Dragon. It has the ability to use Physical Attack Barrier and Stun an alley with a rolling attack. It can drop, much earlier than it can be bought, a desirable weapon, the Beast Fang, with a 2% chance. It has quite low Magic Defense and its high physical Defense is augmented by an ability that makes it impervious to Additions.

During BattleEdit

Their physical Defense is high, but Lizard Man can be defeated by using regular additions.

  • Physical Attack Barrier: Lizard Man is immune to melee attack, but still can be harmed by magic. This move can be used to level up additions, since the monster doesn't take any damage. This can eliminate the time spent looking for new battles and the xp gained by completing battles
  • Slash: Lizard Man rolls towards a character and slashes him/her
  • Rolling Attack: Lizard Man rolls towards a character and hit them with a bouncing effect, which has a 50% chance of causing the Stun Status Ailment.

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations in which you will encounter a Lizard Man:

Drop Edit

  • Beast Fang is a weapon for Haschel that can Stun opponents when he attacks. It is not available until much later in the game, and Lizard Man is quite a common enemy, both good reasons to attempt to get it here, despite its low drop rate of 2%.