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This is a list of all characters in The Legend of Dragoon.

Main Playable CharactersEdit

Dart FeldEdit

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Dart Feld is the main protagonist of The Legend of Dragoon. He is 23 years old and has blond, spiky hair. Dart was one of the only two survivors of the destruction of the village of Neet when he was a child and somehow ended up being raised in Seles. Growing up beside Shana, he left to defeat the Black Monster when he became an adult. However when he found out Shana was kidnapped, he put that quest on hold in order to save her.

Dart is the most recent Dragoon to be chosen by the Dragoon Spirit of the Red-Eyed Dragon, a memento of his late father, Zieg Feld. When Dart is nearly killed by Kongol, Rose is able to awaken Dart's Dragoon Spirit, which overflows with power and enables Dart to defeat Kongol with the power of the Dragoon. Later on he acquires the Divine Dragon Spirit from Lloyd before facing off against Melbu Frahma.

While never directly stated, there is strong evidence suggesting that Dart's mother is the same Claire that was Haschel's daughter, which would make the two grandfather and grandson.

Lavitz SlambertEdit

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Lavitz Slambert is the leader of the First Knighthood of Basil, ruled by the king Albert.


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Shana is the daugther of the mayor in Seles and Dart's love interest.


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Albert Edit

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Albert is the king of Basil. Later in the game, he gets captured and taken to Hellena Prison.


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Meru Edit

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Main AntagonistEdit

Melbu FrahmaEdit

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Non-Playable CharactersEdit


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Zieg FeldEdit

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Dart's father and wielder of the Red-Eyed Dragoon Spirit.

Claire FeldEdit

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Dart's mother and Haschel's daughter.


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