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Limestone Cave (鍾乳洞, Shōnyūdō) is a location in The Legend of Dragoon.

Dart and company go through the cave to arrive at Bale. While here, they discover a secret about Shana. Legend has it that the cave has a guardian.

This is the first of three dwelling places for Rock Fireflies, which offer the company a chance to restore their health to full and later on, their Magic Points too.

Previous area : Prairie
Next area : Bale


Limestone cave 2

Dart and crew make it to the cave shortly after leaving the prairie. Once they enter, there is a small river that divides into separate paths that end at different plateaus, each holding a treasure chest. Past there, the group encounter a series of stepping stones that they must cross individually. Before they go any further, Dart warns Shana to be careful. As they near the end of the stones, Lavitz slips and almost falls from the waterfall. Dart quickly goes to Lavitz aid and helps him up and to the other platform. Lavitz tells him it is the second time Dart has saved his life, but Dart replies that he was just around. Lavitz and Dart leave, shoulder to shoulder, leaving Shana behind trying to get their attention.

Farther into the cave they encounter some Rock Fireflies and Dart and Lavitz once again show a strong bond by their fondness and knowledge of the flies, leaving Shana out again. Near the exit of the cave, the crew begin to hear noises. Lavitz believes it to be the guardian of the cave, Urobolus. Dart tells Shana to step back but she persists that she can fight too and Dart gives in. The three of them are able to defeat the snake and begin heading to the exit but are stopped as the snake rises and lunges at Shana. Dart yells for her but can only watch as the snake stops as a blinding light shines from Shana's forehead. The snake is annihilated piece by piece, leaving all three stunned and confused. Dart and company finally leave the cave and head to Bale to speak with King Albert about the dragon.


Name Element HP US HP JAP XP Gold US Gold JAP Drop
Evil Spider Earth 30 50 12 12 4 Angel's Prayer 8%
Orc Darkness 26 30 10 6 2 Dark Mist 10%
Screaming Bat Darkness 12 15 8 6 2 Healing Potion 8%
Slime Earth 20 25 11 6 2 Body Purifier 10%
Ugly Balloon Wind 36 45 10 9 3 Poison Guard 2%


20 Gold
20 Gold Chest Limestone Cave
Bastard Sword
Bastard Sword Chest Limestone Cave
Total Vanishing
Total Vanishing Chest Limestone Cave
Body Purifier
Body Purifier Chest Limestone Cave
100 Gold
100 Gold Chest Limestone Cave
Burn Out
Burn Out Chest Limestone Cave
Angel's Prayer
Angel's Prayer Chest Limestone Cave
Detonate Rock
Detonate Rock Chest Limestone Cave
Healing Potion Same screen as the Detonate Rock, requiring a jump over the river from the lower right to the lower left
Charm Potion
Charm Potion Chest Limestone Cave
Body Purifier
Body Purifier Chest 2 Limestone Cave
Spark Net
Spark Net Chest Limestone Cave
Poison Guard
Poison Guard Chest Limestone Cave
Bandana Chest Limestone Cave
Healing Potion
Healing Potion Chest Limestone Cave
50 Gold
50 Gold Chest Limestone Cave



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There is a bunny/dog creature in the cave that can be caught. Once it is caught it will wiggle free and move to a stone. Go to that stone and it will hop away leaving behind a chest containing a Poison Guard, a great accessory for the upcoming fight with Urobolus.

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