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A helm available early in the game in Lohan, usable by all the company members. It is one of a handful of items of unsurpassing power whose availability is severely reduced by its price.

This enables it to be a prized and rare item while still being attainable, rather than the usual game mechanics of not appearing until late in the game, only being usable by certain characters, not being equippable until a certain level or other stats, etc. Conversely, it is not an item that is required to finish the game.

The Casque is, however, as good as required for fighting the optional superboss Magician Faust in The Tower of Flanvel, along with the Magic Shield. Give a Legend Casque to any of the characters and it is likely they will not die; even Dart, who is very much at risk of Faust's most powerful attack, the water-based Frozen Lights. Without one, Miranda (or hacked Shana) is sure to fall.

The ultimate value of Legend Casque is not so much in its unparalleled magic defense, but in its unique Magic Evade, which makes it possible to reduce by roughly half, potentially massive amounts of damage, by evading half of the magical attacks altogether.