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Lavitz Slambert, Head of the 1st Knighthood

Presumably twenty years ago when Serdio split into two countries, the northern Kingdom of Basil established at least thirteen knighthoods, though only a few are mentioned. Two knighthoods are stationed each at the castle town of Bale, the Seventh Fort, and Hoax. By the time of Feyrbrand's defeat, it is remarked in Bale that there are only four knighthoods left to defend the whole kingdom.

First KnighthoodEdit

The 1st Knighthood of the Kingdom of Basil was wiped out shortly before the burning of Seles and abduction of Shana. The only survivors were Lavitz Slambert, Head of the 1st Knighthood, and those few knights that he later rescued from death in prison in Hellena. With the help of Dart, Lavitz was able to escape and report the fate of his men to the king. The slaughter of the First Knighthood was later accounted as a "miscalculation" by King Albert's tactician, the Man in Hood.

Second KnighthoodEdit

The 2nd Knighthood of the Kingdom of Basil was headed over a dozen years ago by Greham, who later betrayed Servi, former Head of the 1st Knighthood, along with all of Basil.

Fifth KnighthoodEdit

The 5th Knighthood of the Kingdom of Basil was annihilated by Imperial Sandora ten years after the Serdian Civil War began.[1] There is a girl in Basil that still believes her boyfriend, the vice commander, has been alive for a decade since the tragedy. As it turns out, the former second-in-command did survive the war and lives in the underground fort in Kazas with his wife and three year old child. However, he is torn between guilt for running away from his girlfriend and failing in his duty as a knight.

Eighth KnighthoodEdit

The 8th Knighthood of the Kingdom of Basil was stationed at the fortress town of Hoax at the conclusion of the war. Kaiser, Head of the 8th Knighthood, collaborated with another of the Knighthoods to defend Hoax, though they suffered severe injury to both body and morale after the raid of Hoax. The exhausted soldiers later rejoiced with the defeat of Feyrbrand and named the dragoons "messiahs" of the Kingdom of Basil.

Tenth and Thirteenth KnighthoodsEdit

The 10th and 13th Knighthoods of the Kingdom of Basil are stationed at the Seventh Fort in the Marshlands. Both were overwhelmed by an attack of the dragon Feyrbrand. Many of them were devoured with the remaining beaten by Sandoran soldiers or succumbing to the dragon's poison. When Dart, Lavitz, and company arrive, they are met with the gruesome scene of their slaughter. At his last breath, the head of the 10th Knighthood recognizes Sir Lavitz and warns him of the dragon's poison; as his last act, he hands over his lucky amulet, a Wargod Amulet.


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