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Kazas (帝都カザス, Teito Kazasu, "Imperial City Cathas") is the capital city of the Imperial Sandora. It hosts the Black Castle, where Emperor Doel rules from his throne.

Previous area : Hellena Prison via Seles
Next area : Black Castle (End of Disc 1)


The city of Kazas is the polar opposite of the capital city of Bale. Kazas is divided into three different sections based on classes; the poor, the middle class, and the rich. Each section is different in its architecture but are tied under the theme of industrialization. In the slums people live in make shift homes that are build on top of each other out of scrap wood. There appear to be no roads or streets in the slums, just a single building. In the middle class area all the buildings look the same, are small, and close together all the homes and shops are square boxes with very small alleys between them. The rich district is home to the Black Castle, possibly the only structure in the rich district. The Black castle has large amounts of Gothic influences with the use of sharp edges and flying buttresses.


Chapter 1: The Serdian War[]

End of Serdian War[]

The Black Castle looming high in the centre of Kazas

In Seles, Albert decides to find Doel and end the war for good so that both sides don't have to suffer from each other anymore, and Lavitz's death won't be in vain. Dart and friends traveled to Kazas and find there heavily guarded by Sandora troops, though the Sandorans there do not recognise them as their enemies. Dart and friends wander around the city to look for more clues on how to approach Doel without alarming the whole Sandora army, only to find out that the citizens of Kazas are having hardship in making a living. From the conversation by Sandora guards, they found out that the dragon attack on Hoax and invasion on Marshlands is actually part of the plan to divert the attention of Basil Knighthood and capture King Albert. They also found out that Emperor Doel is recruiting mercenaries to slay the dragon and there is a resistance group called the New Serdio Party.

Popo, the boy who champions peace in Serdio

Dart and friends cannot enter the Black Castle directly as Albert said that it would be trouble if they were planning to break in there. As they explore further, they found a makeshift housing area that was suppose to be a fort in the past. Inside the fort house they meet Popo, a kid which is actually the leader for the New Serdio Party. Popo ask three questions to Dart before he lets him in. When Dart sucessfully answer him, he lets the party in and is suprised to see King Albert with them. Popo shows them the secret pathway to access the Black Castle so that Dart can get close to Doel before the guards find out about it.

In front of the Black Castle

Dart and friends climb down into an underground caveway from Popo's house and find a way up to the Black Castle. While infiltrating the Black Castle, the group finds out that Doel was employing scientists to do research  on magic flames which are misused for the benefits of war. They received Magic Oil Lamp which can be allows them to activate lifts and cable transport to travel deeper inside the castle. Inside the castel Dart obtains Red Stone from the dump site, Blue Stone from Mr. Magi and Yellow Stone from the Great Commander, which can be used to access the hidden area behind the statue of Empress Katrina, the late wife of Emperor Doel which shows his frality and the fondness. As they went up the stairs from there they saw Kongol with his new armour and a fight ensues. Kongol is defeated and Rose plans to kill him but Dart says no as he is already lost. As they arrive in the throne room, they saw Emperor Doel already sitting on the throne, expecting their presence. Albert and Dart vent out their anger at Doel, asking him why he had kill Carlo and take Shana away. The party fights with Doel, who reveal himself as the Violet Dragoon. The battle ends with Doel severely injured and tells Albert to pursue Lloyd in the Land of Tiberoa to find out more about the truth. The chapter ends with Dart and friends vowing to continue their journey to find Lloyd and Haschel succeeded Doel as the next Violet Dragoon


  • First chance, and only chance until Disc Three, to get Male boots
  • Shana's new Long Bow has as much Attack as Dart's new Heat Blade
Name Price Equips Stats Effect
Heat Blade 75 Dart 18 Attack Fire Element damage
Iron Kneepiece 100 Males 5 Defense
Long Bow 150 Shana 18 AT Attack-Hit +10%
Armet 100 Males 7 DF, 23 MAT

Items Price
Healing Potion 10
Angel's Prayer 30
Mind Purifier 20
Body Purifier 10
Spear Frost 10
Meteor Fall 20
Charm Potion 4


Item Location
Attack Ball
Attack Ball Chest Kazas.png
Twister Glaive Second house on the right as you enter the area, across from the hotel
Material Shield In the room where you fight Kongol, continue up the ramp, chest on the far right near a pillar just before the door to Emporer Doel's throne room


Name Element HP XP Gold
Hell Hound Fire 150 20 9
Knight of Sandora Fire 180 24 15
Sandora Elite Darkness 336 200 50


On the barrels inside the first house on the left. Kazas stardust 1.jpg
Found on the left of the treasure chest inside the first house on right. Kazas stardust 2.jpg
Left of the counter in Weapon's shop. Kazas stardust 6.jpg
Search the bookshelf on the top room of the Resistance Town. Kazas stardust 3.jpg
Search the barrels in the shop in the Resistance Town. Kazas stardust 4.jpg
Search the barrels next to the staircase in the shop of in the Resistance Town. Kazas stardust 5.jpg