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Kashua Glacier is a location found in the third disc of The Legend of Dragoon.


This glacier on the far side of this contenent is buried under an eternal cover of ice and snow. The temperature here is far below average at all times and this place is thus uninhabited. Miranda expresses her condolences for the scantily clad Meru's discomfort, but she appears to be completely at home here; Deningrad residents, at least, are made of sterner stuff than not being able to travel on the Glacier. So are two intrepid Peddlers: brothers Segundo and Tercero. The ground is very slippery due to ice and as a result, Dart and friends will slide while moving across this terrain. Be prepared to exert more effort than usual in getting close enough to use the Save Crystal.


White Dragon's Foundling Edit

Meru and Haschel complain about the bitter cold. Miranda attempts to console them. Since they are unused to it, she says, it must be quite bad. She goes on to explain how, as a child, she used to go to the Glacier for solace. Ever so curious, Meru asks how it is she could need alone time (she says, "lonely time") what with her mother being the kind hearted Theresa. Miranda explains how Theresa is not her birth mother, how her actual mother abandoned her, and how Queen Theresa so kindly took her in as if she was one of her own children. After a pause, they then proceed into the snow to make chase after Lloyd.

Glacial Ravine of the Tower of FlanvelEdit

The heroes descend deep into the glacier by climbing down through a cave entrance. Once inside the depths, they climb down between the ice walls, hopping from one pillar shaped chunk of ice to another. Once they reach the bottom, the Tower of Flanvel is straight ahead. The Moon Mirror, the Wingly gift to humans, the potential Trojan Horse that Lloyd seeks, has been kept safe inside this decaying symbol of the Winglies' former glory for generations. The heroes know full well that Lloyd may wait inside. Lloyd, who not only had proved impossible to defeat at the Hero Competition, but holds Queen Theresa hostage. Lloyd must be confronted, and Theresa rescued. At least they know that Lloyd needs Theresa to access the Mirror; she may be his hostage, but she is also his key to the treasure. 


After the events within said tower, they must continue on their journey towards Vellweb, though Snowfield to determine the legitimacy of what Lloyd had to offer, and to bare witness with their own eyes. And so they must leave the location through the northmost exit which was otherwise unaccesable until now.


Item Location
Thunderbolt Chest
Heat Blade
Heat Blade Chest
Meteor Fall
Meteor Fall Chest
Heavy Mace
Heavy Mace Chest
Gushing Magma
Gushing Magma Chest
Dancing Ray
Dancing Ray Chest
Phoenix Plume
Pheonix Plume Chest


Note: During your quest to pursue Lloyd (after he kidnaps Queen Theresa), these monsters are also found in the Tower of Flanvel.

Random encounterableEdit

Name Element HP US HP JAP XP Gold US Gold JAP Drops
Icicle Ball Water 160 200 121 21 7 Spirit Potion (8%)
Rocky Turtle Earth 560 700 99 39 13 Guard Badge (2%)
Land Skater Water 341 390 88 33 11 Spear Frost (8%)
Freeze Knight Water 360 450 110 27 9 Fatal Blizzard (8%)
Mammoth Earth 1,280 1,600 132 45 15 Stunning Hammer (8%)

Boss encounterableEdit

Name Element HP US HP JAP XP Gold US Gold JAP Drops
Windigo Water 12,800 16,000 11,000 250 250 Brass Knuckle (100%)
Heart Water 3 3 N/A N/A N/A


Snow Cannon Water 480 600 N/A N/A N/A N/A

Shops Edit

Gushing Magma Chest

Peddler brothers 2 and 3 of 4: Segundo and Tercero

Two of the four Peddler Brothers are perched on the edge of the crevasse here. Segundo (Second) and Tercero (Third). Primero (First) and Quatro (Fourth) are in Vellweb

Segundo Edit

Tercero Edit


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