Jiango is a beast kept in the Hellena Prison dungeon that the guards and wardens of the prison use to torture and kill prisoners. He is occasionally fed prisoners to keep him satisfied. Dart and company fight him after being maneuvered by the prison guards into standing on a trap-door.

Knight of Basil: "Feed us to the monster!? I won't let you humiliate us anymore!"
Hellena Warden: "Oh, feisty feisty. It's the worst kind of POW (Prisoner of War), but the best kind of feed"


Jiango is an extremely powerful boss, with 1280 health and powerful Earth Element attacks. His is so massive that rocks from the cave ceiling fall when he jumps up and down. This cavorting hits characters with falling rock, and can do over 100 damage on the characters. His breath has about a 50% chance to cause Confusion on an ally.

Physical attacks won't really do that much damage, but magic seems to be very effective in this fight, particularly Wind spells.

It is a waste of SP to use any character before they are a Dragoon, but if Haschel's Double Punch is somehow equal to or higher than Whip Smack, then it will do more damage due to Haschel's slightly higher Speed. The Bandit's Ring is better off as a multiplier of Dart's Double Slash or Volcano; they have by far the highest bonus of the early Additions of the available party.

The Sachet you find in his chamber will put Jiango to Sleep. If you decide to use it on Jiango, don't attack with Additions or Dragoon additions. Unconfirmed reports indicate that Jiango's Zzz animations will continue despite being hit by magic, which is unusually powerful against a boss.

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