Icicle Ball (アイシクルボール, Aishikurubōru, lit. "Icicle Ball") is a Water element creature which is located within Kashua Glacier.


Icicle Ball appears as yellow eyeball, being supported by four spindly legs. Its body is multi-colored, striped blue, red, and yellow, in the way that poisonous creatures advertise to potential predators that they don't taste good. This creature, similar to its weaker counter part the Spider Urchin, resembles a large spider with the body of a Sea Urchin.


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This creature is probably the easiest enemy in the area what with its low health and defense coupled with its below average damage. All it can deal is physical damage, no status ailments or abilities except Power Up. A very simple opponent and very simple fight altogether. No strategy should be needed for these creatures even for low levels and they should be the lowest priority of what to defeat in random encounters.

  • Head Swing - Walks towards a single target and swings its head upon them dealing medium physical damage.
  • Power Up - Increases both physical and magical attack power by 1.5x for the duration of three turns.

Battle pairing / formationEdit

  • Encounter rate: Uncommon

All battle formations in which you will encounter an Icicle Ball:


This creature can drop the item Spirit Potion with a rare probability of 8%. This item is a great item to have and use if you want to get your dragoon levels to max. Granted, they should all be at least 3 or 4 by this point, although it is still useful for the majority of players. The odds of getting these average out at 15 minutes or beyond, and so you should just hope to get them while passing through rather than try and grind to obtain them. This does however, vary per person.


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