Human Hunter is the only No Element monster located within The Death City, Mayfil.


This monster is the far stronger cousin to Terminator from Vellweb. Resembling it nearly identically, it also has a blade on the outside of its right arm, a curved blade for its right hard, a curved blade upon each of its shoulder pauldrons, a triple spiked claw for its left hand, a drill for a right foot and a spiked round blade for its left foot. This monster appears to be suited in full gold armor, within is blue machinery like innards. It is very tall yet skinny and constantly its body leans forward and backward as if it has no balance and will soon fall over.


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It deals medium to high physical damage potentially, so it isn't too dangerous but something to keep an eye on. This is especially true once it uses Power Up on itself and increases all its attacks and defenses. This monster is far weaker to magical damage, so it is highly recommended to use especially if you have the Psychedelic Bomb X. With such low health, even physical attacks should do fine, however, it will take a few hits. Due to it being a robot of some sort, it is immune to all ailments so do not waste your turns trying to inflict something upon it. It has no special abilities or other attacks except Super Attack, and so it is a very straight forward fight.

  • Super Attack - It jumps towards a single target performing a volley of punches and kicks which deal medium physical damage.
  • Power Up - Increases physical and magical attack power as well as both defenses by a 1.5x multiplier for the duration of three turns.

Do note, this monster is immune to all Status Ailments.

Encounter rate: Rare

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations in which you will encounter a Human Hunter:


Upon defeat, this monster may drop the healing item Recovery Ball with a rare probability of 8%. This item is decent if you don't mind taking a chance or don't need to worry about which healing items to use, since the Recovery Ball generates a random healing item upon use. The average amount of time to obtain this is roughly 15 minutes. As always, this varies per person.


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