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The Great Commander of Imperial Sandora

The Great Commander and Lloyd

The Great Commander of Sandora makes his first appearance in the introduction cutscene of the game. He is seen leading the Imperial Sandoran army on a strike against the small village of Seles. After taking the village, he then walks over to an unconscious Shana and beckons a soldier to give him a mysterious stone which is able to check whether a person is the Moon Child. When he is satisfied that he has the right girl in custody, he walks with the Man in the Black Hood, asking him if the destruction of a peaceful village and the taking of innocent lives was really necessary. When the man responded with "it is His Majesty Emperor Doel's command," the Great Commander then asks who the girl is to which the man responds, "That is not your concern."

The Great Commander doesn't show up in the game until much later, when Dart and the group head to The Black Castle in Kazas to end the war. The Great Commander can be found near the top of the castle, where he gives Dart and his group the last key to Emperor Doel's throne room. When the group finds the Great Commander, he is in deep thought. Dart gets hotheaded and goes to attack the Great Commander for the attack on Seles. At that point, the Great Commander tells the group that he wishes to say a few words about Emperor Doel and the war, then they can kill him if they wish. He tells Dart and the group that he used to be a great follower of Emperor Doel because of the ideas he had about racial equality and a more peaceful, happy Serdio. The Great Commander then tells the group that when Lloyd came around and started working with Emperor Doel, he started to change into the wrathful, merciless, and power-hungry man he is now. He asks Dart as a final wish to "wake Emperor Doel up." Dart and the group accept the key to the throne room and decide not to take the Great Commander's life, seeing that he isn't a bad man at all.

The Great Commander is later found in the former soldier's station of Kazas contemplating his nomination as mayor of Kazas. He initially is hesitant, believing few would want him as mayor. However, the fact that Popo was the one that nominated him inspires him to go through with it. The former commander eventually succeeds, where he takes care of the people and realizes his wish for a peaceful, happy Serdio.