Goods are quest-related items found in the game that cannot be interacted manually unlike the regular items. Some of them are optional while others are bound to the story. They can be found in the pause menu.

List of goodsEdit

Name Location Description
Axe From the Shack Prairie An axe left in a shack in a field. It's well-worn.
Blue Dragon DS Prison Island Dragoon Spirit from Lenus - Water-based.
Blue Stone Black Castle Blue Stone held by the Spell Master Magi.
Boat License Furni License to use a boat in Furni - It's a must.
Dark Dragon DS Hoax Dragoon Spirit of mysterious Rose. Darkness-based.
Father's Stone Initial Equipment A mysterious stone from Dart's father - Glows when held.
Gold Dragon DS Lohan Dragoon Spirit found in Lohan - Earth Based.
Jade Dragon DS Nest of Dragon Dragoon Spirit from Greham. Wind-based.
Kate's Bouquet Donau A group of flowers combined into a traditional wedding item.
Key to Ship Phantom Ship Key to the Captain's Quarters
Lavitz's Picture Bale Lavit'z portrait drawn in Bale. It looks so real.
Life water Nest of Dragon Life water from a monster plant. Refreshes power.
Magic shiny bag Lohan Dabas' item bag that stores all of your items.
Magic Oil Kazas Fuel to light an elevator switch.
Pass for Corrupted Valley Fletz A pass that allows access to the Valley of Corrupted Gravity.
Prison Key Hellena Prison Key to the second prison tower where Shana is held.
Red Dragon DS Hoax Dragoon Spirit [Dart's] father left him. Fire-based.
Red Stone Kazas Kept by the janitor of the Black Castle.
Silver Dragon DS Shrine of Shirley Dragoon Spirit from Shirley. Light-based.
Violet Dragon DS Kazas Dragoon Spirit Doel gives to Haschel - Thunder based.
War Bulletin -- Special Edition shows tension among Sandora & Serdio.
Water Bottle Lohan A bottle acquired in Lohan to hold "Life Water".
Yellow Stone Kazas Yellow Stone hidden in the Black Castle.


The table is fetched from "Prima's Official Strategy Guide".
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