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Golden Dragon Armor is the most powerful and final armor attainable by Kongol. Do note, you cannot get this armor before the point of no return in The Death City, Mayfil. To obtain this armor, one of only two methods can be taken: You can either purchase it at the inn inside The Moon That Never Sets or find it in a chest in the treasury of The Home of Gigantos also found within the Moon.

How to obtain[]

Firstly, you must enter the inn within The Everlasting Moon and then proceed to the equipment shop. From there a merchant will have this armor available in his wares for 800 gold. This is the quickest method and easiest since there is no battle required or hunting of a treasure chest involved, however, the second method may be more to your interest if you do not seem to have enough money or would prefer to keep it for something else.

The second method is to proceed in the story until you get to Kongol's personal battle, roughly halfway into the events of The Everlasting Moon. After you defeat Indora, you must then go downstairs into the old treasury room where you had to retrieve the Red Dragon Dragoon Spirit, and where Lin was being held is where the chest containing this armor lies. As previously done, you need only to pull the lever to open the cell, once opened the chest is now available.


This armor is very potent so it is highly recommended to equip it immediatly, as well, the effect of being fully immune to earth-element based attacks of any sort is a fair bonus, indeed. This is especially beneficial against Triceratops, and Melbu Frahma. It has the highest defense and magical defense, and so it is very useful for general use also.


Description Location
The Everlasting Moon, inside the inn. Sold by the equipment vendor in the upper right hand corner.
Gold Dragon Armor in Store.png
The Everlasting Moon, within the ancient Home of Gigantos. In the large treasury under where you faught Mappi and Gehrich.
Golden Dragon's armor Chest Moon that never sets.png