Gigantos, the 97th fruit of the Divine Tree are giants compared to humans and a nearly extinct race on Endiness. Speaking in the third person makes their speech sound much more primitive than their human and Wingly counterparts, but their physical size and strength far exceed either race.

History of the GigantoEdit

The Gigantos

Kongol, one of the remaining Gigantos.

were one of the many races controlled by the Winglies in the times before the Dragon Campaign. The Gigantos made their home in Tiberoa, in Home of Gigantos. They were one of the few fruits of the Divine Tree that survived, and few mentioned in any of the histories of Endiness by name. The entire race was almost wiped out when humans decided to exterminate them in the years while King Carlo was in power. It was Emperor Doel who rescued the lone surviving Giganto child, Kongol, and took him into his care. During the time of King Albert's reign, most humans thought Gigantos to be mere legend until Kongol came knocking on the doors of Hoax.

Well known GigantosEdit

Only two Gigantos are given an important role in Dragoon: Kongol and his older brother Indora. Indora was the best warrior in the clan according to Kongol's confrontation with him in the Moon That Never Sets. Indora was killed some time before Kongol, when Kongol was just a small child. The brothers are the only known Giganto's to possess a Dragoon Spirit, the Golden Dragoon Spirit. A third Giganto, the Chieftain, is mentioned by Kongol as second only to Indora in terms of strength. His mummy is found in the treasure room in the Home of Giganto.

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